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Description: Original Title: NC Drill Specification Encyclopedia, the Most Complete Arrangement in History! Drill is a tool used to drill through holes or blind holes in solid materials and to ream existing holes. The commonly used drill bits are twist drill, flat drill, center drill, deep hole drill and trepanning drill. It is customary to classify reamers and counterbores as drill bits, although they cannot make holes in solid material. Expand the full text High-speed steel hollow drill bit, also known as core drill bit or hole opener, drill bit classification: high-speed steel drill bit, hard alloy drill bit, tungsten steel drill bit; cutting depth: 35MM, 50MM, 100M; suitable for drilling machine: imported magnetic seat drill, magnetic drill, domestic magnetic seat drill,dth rock bit, magnet drill, magnet drill, steel plate drill, magnetic drill, machine tool,fastest dth hammer, bench drill, seat drill and so on. Diameter specification: 12mm to 100mm; the main material of drill bit is high-speed steel. Powder metallurgy; Cemented carbide. The axis of the drill bit shall be inclined at an angle of 60 ° to the grinding wheel surface. This angle is the point angle of the drill. If the angle is not correct, it will directly affect the size of the point angle of the drill, the shape of the main cutting edge and the bevel of the chisel edge. This refers to the position relationship between the axial line of the drill bit and the surface of the grinding wheel. It is OK to take 60 °, which is generally more accurate. Attention shall be paid to the relative horizontal position and angle position of the drill bit before sharpening. The two positions shall be considered as a whole. Do not neglect to set the angle for the sake of setting the cutting edge, or neglect to set the cutting edge for the sake of setting the angle. The greater the ratio of the length to the diameter of the drill bit, the greater its tendency to bend. The bending force can be reduced by reducing the length-diameter ratio, thereby avoiding the breakage of the drill bit and the increase of the hole diameter error. Deeper holes require drill sizes with larger length to diameter ratios. Usually, a hole with a depth of more than three times the diameter is a "deep hole", and the depth of a micro-drill generally exceeds this limit. Specification of electric hammer bit: 6mm, DHD Drill bit ,dhd drill bit, 8mm X 110mm; 8mmx160mm; 8mm,10mm,12mmx210mm,10mm,12mm,16mm,20mmx450mm? The main body of the hard alloy electric hammer drill is made of high-quality alloy steel, and the tool bit is welded with hard alloy. Used together with various electric hammers, suitable for drilling on hard building materials such as concrete, brick, etc. It is a widely used and highly efficient punching tool in the construction and installation industry. Do not want to engage in low-level work, want to get rid of the status quo, want to learn UG programming, you can find some crown education teachers to learn CNC numerical control technology. Specification of electric hammer bit set: 5110mm × 6 Specification of electric hammer bit set: 5110mm, 6110mm, 6160mm, 8160mm, 10160 mm Round shank and square shank of electric hammer bit 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM 14MM 16MM-28MM is Through-wall drill length 350 MM 16MM 18MM 20MM 22MM 25MM 28MM Drill bit type A. Classification by structure (1) Integral drill bit: the drill top, the drill body and the drill shank are integrally made of the same material. (2) End welding type drill bit, the drill top part is welded by carbide. ?? Classification by drill (1) Straight shank drill bit: the drill bit diameter is less than ? 13.0. Below mm, straight shanks are used. (2) Taper shank drill bit: the shank of the drill bit is tapered, and generally its taper is Morse taper. ?? Classified by use (1) Center drill bit: It is generally used to drill the center point before drilling. The front conical surface is 60 °, 75 °, 90 °, etc. In order to use the tailstock to support the lathe during operation, the 60 ° center drill bit should be matched with the lathe tailstock center at 60 °. (2) Twist drill bit: It is the most widely used drill bit in industrial manufacturing, and we generally use twist drill bit. (3) Superhard drill bit: The front end of the drill body or all of it is made of superhard alloy tool material, which is used for drilling and processing materials. (4) Oil hole drill bit: The drill body has two small holes through which the cutting agent reaches the cutting edge to take away heat and chips. With this drill bit, the workpiece is generally rotated while the drill bit is stationary. (5) Deep-hole drill bit: It was first used for the drilling of gun barrels and stone barrels, also known as gun barrel drill bit. The deep-hole drill is of a straight flute type, which cuts a quarter of a strong portion in a circular tube to produce cutting edge chip removal. (6) Drill bit reamer: In order to meet the needs of mass production, the front end is a drill bit and the rear end is a reamer. The diameter of the drill bit and the diameter of the reamer are only the margin of reaming. There are also drill bits used in combination with screw tapping, so they are also called mixed drill bits. (7) Taper drill: Taper drill can be used when machining the feed inlet of the mold. (8) Cylindrical hole drill: We call it a countersunk end mill. The front end of this kind of drill has a part with a smaller diameter,Mining Drilling Equipment, which is called the lead. (9) Taper hole drill: It is used for drilling taper holes. Its front end angle is 90 °, 60 °, etc. The chamfering cutter we use is a kind of taper hole drill. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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