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Do Yourself a Favor: Stop Overdoing your Strengths

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Description: If you lean too heavily on strengths, they can become weaknesses- Adam Grant. Imagine a scenario. You have two effective leadership strengths: forcefulness and consensus-building. If you overdo the former, the productivity might improve. However, it will weaken your team’s morale. And if you overdo the latter, if you increase the morale but might impact the productivity. This is why balance is so important.


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Women Leaders in India

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Description: The star in me is a global career advancement platform for women, and a diversity partner for organizations worldwide. We are passionate about powering women to pursue their professional aspirations by providing them a collaborative professional ecosystem, and work with organizations to improve women’s representation in the workforce and in leadership.


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Leadership Hacks: Advance in your Career with these Tried and Tested Tips - Blog Oval

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Description: While the role of women in our history and culture is phenomenal, their acceptance of women’s leadership roles is still not up to the mark. So, if you want to move ahead to the corporate ladder, you need to make use of the tried and tested tips along with your personal experiences. Also, you must promote diversity in your team.


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Women Facing Higher Workplace Burnout- Decoding the Facts

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Description: Women facing higher burnout since the pandemic hit the world is true. Now, women professionals and companies need to address these issues rather than ignore them. If you are feeling optimistic about this whole concept, you can never talk about the elephant in the room.


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The star in me

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Description: The star in me is a career advancement platform for women leaders of today and tomorrow and a diversity partner for organizations. It is an ecosystem of professional connections, personal branding tools, curated global coaches and learning resources.


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