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Recording Defense Medical Examinations and Psychological Evaluations and Assessments Used in a Court of Law: Best Practices and Standards

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Description: Find out in this new, advanced-level webinar that gives replies as to recording Defense Medical Examinations and Psychological Evaluations and Assessments. The cutting-edge Psychological Evaluations and Assessments webinar analyzes the court norms a judge might use to permit a defense medical examination to be recorded for scrutiny. How can the plaintiff respond to such questions? There will be a requirement for the Defense Medical Examination to be recorded or for the event to be watched by a third party. With the Psychological Evaluations Webinar remove the fear, uncertainty, and doubt about proving your case for mental injuries when the defense employs its own expert to dispute yours.


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2022 National Patient Safety Goals: Complete Information

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Description: If you are someone who is curious about the latest changes in national patient safety goals 2022 or 2022 national patient safety goals you must attend this session right away. This national patient safety conference 2022 will walk you through the npsg 2022 changes (npsg 15) and address the requirement for the hospital to identify risks inherent in its patient population and to identify patients at risk for suicide. It will discuss other resources to help hospitals comply with the 2022 hospital national patient safety goals. Not just this understand the other changes besides the 2022 national patient safety goals for hospitals, including using different methods of identification for newborns under 01.01.01. This goal is to enhance the naming conversation of newborns post-delivery preventing medical errors due to conventional, nondistinct naming methods to prevent wrong tests, and wrong procedures as well as administering the wrong breastmilk to the infant.


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Clear Your Doubts on Non-Patient Safety Issues in Hospital

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Description: Know all about patient safety issues in hospitals in this eye-opening webinar along with learning about CMS Hospital CoPs & TJC Patient Safety System chapter as well as patient safety in healthcare. Not just this, get well versed with CMS CoPs when it comes to a punitive setting, reporting medication errors, adverse events, and drug incompatibilities. What more? The topic also talks about the top ten patient safety issues in hospitals. Put your worries at bay and know more about what hospitals need to do to create a patient safety culture. Got questions lingering in your mind about the free toolkit on Just Culture by AHRQ? Get answers here in this session. Preventable medical errors are actually at risk by 1% per year according to the National Quality Forum publication on 34 Safe Practices for better healthcare. There are 18 types of medical errors that account for 2.4 million extra hospital days and 9.3 billion in excess care. An OIG study found that 15,000 Medicare patients every month experience an adverse event during healthcare delivery that results in death. One of every seven discharges (13.5%) results in an adverse event. Stay informed of every bit of information here in this session along with getting well acquainted with patient safety nursing and cms patient safety nursing issues updates.


Tag: patient safety nursing, patient safety issues, patient safety healthcare

Care Coordination Coding and Reporting 2022 Webinar

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Description: Reimbursement and reporting rules webinar for Professional Fee Coders, Auditors, Billers, Educators, Consultants, Revenue Cycle Management Professionals. ‘Care Coordination Coding and Reporting -2022 Medicare Updates’ webinar is a treasure trove of the latest updates in complex care coordination and report rules that you must be aware of to stay compliant. Also, this webinar provides you with key differences in various care and coordination services available to providers. Join this session and stay informed.


Tag: care coordination, conference panel, medical coding billing webinar, toni elhoms, coders, billers, auditors, educators, compliance officers

8 Values for Successful Servant Leadership

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Description: This program teaches leaders how to better help those they serve experience greater levels of job engagement and fulfillment, which leads to higher levels of job performance, and ultimately organizational results. This presentation is based on actual, real-life experiences and data utilizing eight core values of this leadership style: trust, honesty/integrity, being grudgeless, servant leadership, walk the talk, communication, and commitment. This is a leadership program is designed to remember, refresh, and renew their reason for choosing to be a leader. It is based on real-life experiences of leadership from the C suite to supervisory levels. It is pragmatic and uplifting at the same time!


Tag: leadership webinar, healthcare leaders, David Zechman, conference panel, American Association of Healthcare Executives

Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) for Acute and Critical Access Hospitals 2022 Update

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Description: This program will cover the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) for Acute and Critical Access Hospitals 2022 Update. Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals for Acute and Critical Access Hospitals 2022 program will also cover updates to the Goal addressing the ever-present issue of clinical alarms. Hospitals should also be familiar with the final CMS hospital worksheet on infection control, and the proposed changes, along with a memo on safe injection practices and infection control breaches.


Tag: infection control, infection prevention, conference panel, laura a dixon, cms, cdc, covid19

The CMS Hospital Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship Program 2022

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Description: The CMS Hospital Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship Program 2022 will cover in-depth the Infection Control Worksheet from CMS.


Tag: hospital infection control, CDC, COVID-19, Antibiotic Stewardship Program, Conference Panel, Laura A. Dixon

Hospital Liability for Employee HIPAA Social Media Violations

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Description: HIPAA Social Media Violations in Health Care is an advanced webinar that gives the basics of HIPAA privacy as applied to hospitals and employees, with a review of standard social media rules and glaring examples of HIPAA violations for blatant social media abuses. Finally, you will learn tips and techniques to avoid hospital liability for its employee’s social media violations. HIPAA Social Media Violations in Health Care is an advanced webinar.


Tag: HIPAA Social Media Violations, Mark R Brengelman, Conference Panel, hospital workers, HIPAA privacy, Health Care, social media abuses, HIPAA violations, hospitals, health care workers, HIPAA privacy officers, Medical records workers, Health care attorneys

HIPAA and Mobile Device Liability - HIPAA Violations for Improper Cell Phone Use

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Description: HIPAA and Mobile Device Liability webinar examines a landmark settlement of $650,000 levied against a business associate entity of a nursing home system for improper HIPAA security violations involving an everyday device we all rely on and keep in our pockets – a cell phone. Find out how this extraordinary administrative fine was not the end of the matter but was the start of a compliance period designed to rectify these violations. HIPAA and Mobile Device Liability is an intermediate webinar.


Tag: HIPAA, Mobile Device Liability, Mark R Brengelman, health care entity, patient-protected health information, HIPAA violations, Medical records

Medical Coding Billing Webinars | Healthcare Compliance Webinars

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Description: Medical coding webinars | Conferencepanel provide healthcare compliance and medical coding billing webinar updates in various specialties in the healthcare industry. We offer webinars on updated topics to help healthcare professionals grow and stay complaint according to the latest industry updates.


Tag: medical coding billing webinar, healthcare compliance webinar, conference panel

CMS Hospital Conditions of Participation (CoPs) 2022 - 5 Part Webinar Series

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Description: CMS Hospital Conditions of Participation 2022 five-part webinar series will cover the entire CMS Hospital CoP manual – Appendix A. It is a great way to educate everyone in your hospital on all the sections in the CMS hospital manual especially ones that apply to their department. This program will discuss the most problematic standards and how the hospital can do a gap analysis to assist in compliance with the CoPs.


Tag: CMS Hospital CoP manual, laura a dixon, conference panel, medical record services, dietary, emergency department, surgical services, anesthesia, PACU, medical staff, nursing services

The Anti-Kickback Statute: 2021 – Year in Review

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Description: Anti-Kickback Statute 2021 webinar will focus on cases and enforcement actions taken by the HHS OIG and its law enforcement partners in 2021.


Tag: Anti-Kickback Statute 2021, Federal False Claims Act

Critical Access Hospital Conditions of Participation : Ensuring Compliance 2022 4 Part Series

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Description: Critical Access Hospital CoP Compliance Update 2022 four-part webinar series will cover the entire CAH CoP manual. CAHs hospitals must comply with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ CoP manual for Critical Access Hospitals.


Tag: conference panel, laura a dixon, critical acces hospital

Webinar : Paying for Referrals | A Danger to your freedom Updates

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Description: This webinar will provide an overview of Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS). show how violation of the AKS can raise FCA concerns, and it will provide an assessment of enforcement activities, showing how participants may be at risk.


Tag: hospital and compliance, paying for referrals, anti kickback statue, assessment of enforcement activities, enforcement activities, violation of ask

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