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Description: As soon as I took it in my hand, I felt a little shy, and I glanced back with a guilty conscience. There is a voice in the heart justifiably, Wei Wei is good to me now, but no matter want to give birth to a child or want to solid favor, do not have the means of the boudoir, is unable to keep the husband. That's the reason. I echoed and resolutely unfolded the yellow silk. Under the lamplight, there was a faint luster on the yellow silk. If I blushed at the previous glance, now when I look closely, my heart is beating wildly, but I feel that there is something else interesting. There are eighteen small paintings on it, eighteen pairs of men and women, and I don't know who wrote them, with all kinds of scenery, vivid. Of course, I'm looking at the door. I looked at them one by one, and the more I looked at them, the more surprised I felt. It has been three or four months since I had sex with Wei Wei for the first time. From the initial uncomfortable to now gradually get used to, I think this matter has been fully aware of, nothing more than a sweat up and down. But to this day, I know, the original thing can have many tricks. For example, one lying on his stomach, one standing, one curled up, one kneeling,ultrasonic metal welding, one standing and one holding.. Somehow, after looking at it for a while, I gradually replaced the people on it with myself and Wei Wei. We were in the garden, on the counter, on the appendix, and my legs were wrapped around his waist. It was a little dry in my throat, and I saw a woman sitting on the man's crotch, just like we did once at the beginning. My heart jumped, surprised,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and some regret, the heart way, the original really can be so. Suddenly, the yellow silk was pulled out of my hand. I looked back startled and immediately froze. Wei Wei unexpectedly did not know when to come in, the coat half draped over the body, standing behind me looking at the yellow silk. A moment later, he looked at me with a half-smile and a deep voice. "No wonder madam is so impatient. My uncle and madam are very careful." The author has something to say: The beginning was written by the goose a long time ago, and yesterday it was too little, so I used it to add a dish for everyone, Hee Hee ~ Bi Tai When I was young, I loved to eat a dish of stewed meat, and every time someone cooked it, I would salivate at the smell of it through the courtyard wall. On one occasion, I was so tickled by the fragrance that I ran to the kitchen and saw that no one was there, so I wanted to steal food myself. Unexpectedly, the steam in the pot was so strong that I was scalded when I opened the lid. When my mother rubbed the medicine on me, she was both angry and amused. "You can eat it sooner or later," she said. "What are you greedy for? There is no good meat in a hurry. There is no good meat in a hurry. Mother's words are old, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, but now they seem to be insightful. When Wei Wei saw that piece of yellow silk, I knew everything was over. Although it is the same way, my previous assumption is not like this. I should not show off, do self-taught in general, in order to appear intelligent and virtuous. Of course, it's too late to say anything. Wei Kui was calm and calm. He lowered his head and smiled, "Madam, this picture is very good, but it shows two men and two women. If Madam wants to learn subtlety, she must help her husband." Next. And then he and I really became like in the picture. I originally thought that the exaggeration on the picture was suspected to be the artist's gimmick. But Wei Wei told me with his actions that it was not a fabrication. He curled me up, from behind, and then above; his strength was so great that I was at his mercy, like a white man who has tasted human affairs for the first time. Perhaps novel, or perhaps I have a fantasy, those patterns in addition to more tiring than usual, but also some wonderful excitement. Wei Wei refused to turn off the light, and I could see my naked body exposed under his excited eyes. His face was red with desire, and his eyes were hot and charming. Afterwards, I didn't wake up until the afternoon of the second day, and the pain on my body was stronger than ever before. But Wei Kui held me in his arms, and the hot air spurted in my ears. "It's a pity that it's cold now, and I'm in my house. In the future, if my husband has a house somewhere else, I'll choose a garden pavilion with my wife." I was so ashamed that I wanted to get under the couch and burn the damn yellow silk. However, when I went to see Mrs. Guo and she stabbed me with such words as "worship all night without violation", I suddenly felt that I would rather be with Wei Wei. After the tenth day of the first lunar month, there were fewer and fewer things going on in the mansion. Although there were occasional guests coming to the door, I was often free for most of the day. And don't know is Chinese New Year's Eve that day ZhouShi words mention point Wei Kui, or originally less, Wei Kui these days also not much to go out to Wei Tan, so there is a rare condition-I wake up in the morning, also can see Wei Tan lying beside. There is a severe winter outside, a stove inside, and two people who have nothing to do, everything is ambiguous. But Wei Kui had a pure state of mind. He leisurely took out a chessboard and a chess manual and asked me if I played chess. It's better to play chess than to look at the yellow silk, I readily agreed. Wei Wei's chess manual was brought back from the last visit to Mr. Yunshi. I took a few glances at it, but I was not interested at all. But Wei Kui, like a treasure, took it out and turned it over in his spare time, and now he put it in array. Playing chess with Wei Wei is not laborious, because my chess skills are really poor, and it won't be long before I will be defeated without any suspense. Later, I felt embarrassed and said to Wei Kui, "Husband, you'd better go with your second uncle or cousins." But Wei Kui looked at me and said, "Madam, you can fight with your husband. How about that?" I was surprised: "How to fight together?" Wei Kui did not explain, and when he reached out his hand, I knew that the so-called same array, that is, he was impatient with me, simply with their own game. Although I was kicked out of the game, Wei Wei wouldn't let me go away. He took me in his arms and showed me the way as he went down. He explained it so carefully that I seemed to understand it, but strangely did not feel impatient at all. His arms were strong, his chest was thick and warm, and his deep voice seemed to have a reassuring force. I raised my eyes slightly, and the way he stared at the chessboard was very attentive,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, and the lines of his lips were straight. My heart jumped for no reason. I looked at the chessboard and suddenly felt that sitting like this was also a very good thing. The platform beside the Yongchi Lake was built very quickly, and when February came, the news of its completion came from the court.

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