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Description: Yu Zhenzi looked askance at Master Wukong and knew that when he saw Bai Yunfei's deep affection for Ma Junwu, he felt uneasy. This matter could not be rushed. If it was rushed, it would inevitably lead to a tragedy. He was afraid that Master Wukong would make sarcastic remarks. He quickly laughed and said, "Let's go back to the cottage first!"! As long as there are some clues, it is not difficult to find out where they are going. Say, reuse gecko work first to the peak upstream. Bai Yun flew to the top of the mountain by crane. Li Qingluan went up to meet him and asked, "Sister Dai, can you find my uncle?" As he spoke, he took Bai Yunfei's hand and gazed at it with a sad expression. Bai Yunfei stretched out her wrist and brushed her hair. "Your uncle didn't fall into the mountain stream. He went to find your brother Wu," he replied. Li Qingluan's face suddenly brightened and he said with a smile, "Master Bo is very capable. Naturally, he won't fall into the mountain stream. Since he's going to look for Brother Wu, let's go back to the cottage and wait for him." Bai Yunfei wanted to tell her that Ma Junwu was in danger, and Xuanqing Taoist was rushing to rescue her, but seeing her eyebrows and eyes filled with a happy color, she could not bear to make her anxious, and no longer answered with a faint smile. By this time, Yuzhenzi and Master Wukong had already reached the summit, and the four of them were heading for Meilin Cottage. After about a meal,heavy duty cantilever racks, we arrived at the cottage. Bai Yunfei speculated all the way and realized that the matter seemed to have little to do with the Jade Xiao Fairy. Since Ma Junwu was in distress, he would not personally ask his master for help. It must have been another person who found the place where the Taoist Xuanqing and the Jade Xiao Fairy were struggling and told them about Ma Junwu's distress. What was hard to understand was, who came to report this warning? Where is Ma Junwu now? Are you still alive in the world? That prominent ice rock, but more than 20 miles away from the Sanyuan Palace, Xuanqing Taoist can not rush back to inform, the matter is naturally very urgent. When Yu Zhenzi saw Bai Yunfei meditating, she didn't even sit down. Knowing that she was trying to figure out the doubts,mobile racking systems, she didn't bother her. She turned to Master Wukong in a low voice and said, "The old Zen master has seen with his own eyes that the Jade Xiao Fairy and my elder brother are fighting. Which one of them is better?" Master Wukong said, "The kungfu skills of the two of them are on a par with each other. The strength of their swordsmanship makes the Elder Martial Brother seem to be slightly better. But the light body kungfu skills of the Jade Xiao Fairy are better. Her body turning in the air is a rare skill in the martial arts world." Yu Zhenzi frowned and said, "According to what the old Zen master said, Wu'er was definitely not kidnapped by the Jade Xiao Fairy. Not to mention that Wu'er had received all the true messages from his master, it would be difficult for her to get what she wanted even if the elder brother stayed by her side. The key is how they knew about Wu'er's distress. As long as they found out the person who summoned her, things would be easy to handle." Bai Yunfei suddenly interrupted and said, "Yes, that's what the younger generation thinks, too. But I'm afraid the person who summoned him has gone nowhere. I'm afraid it's not easy for us to find him. The younger generation wants to find him first. The two elders might as well go later." Master Wukong shook his head and said, "The horizon is boundless. Where are you going to find it?" Bai Yunfei smiled sadly and said, "As long as I can find out some clues, I can search for them." At this moment, Li Qingluan also heard that Ma Junwu was in danger. He suddenly got up and went to Bai Yunfei's side. He said sadly, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, "Sister Dai, if you want to find Brother Wu, will you take me with you?" Bai Yunfei nodded and said, "OK, let's go now." Master Wukong jumped up and said hurriedly, "No, you are looking for a needle in a haystack without a clue. Saving people is like putting out a fire. How can you delay time? If Ma Junwu is really in danger, he can't wait for such a long time. It doesn't matter if he is looking for his enemy for three years or two years." Bai Yunfei was stunned and said, "The elder generation is right. The younger generation would like to listen respectfully." Master Wukong did not expect Bai Yunfei to ask such a question. He was stunned and hesitated for a moment. "In my opinion," he said, "it's better to wait for the news than to look for it blindly. The Taoist Xuanqing is wily. If the matter is difficult, he must try to summon the Sanyuan Palace and send reinforcements.". Ma Junwu is in distress, which may cause the dispute between Yuxiao Fairy and Sanqing Guanzhu to disappear temporarily. If I think well, the two of them will go to the rescue together. ” Bai Yunfei thought to herself that Master Wukong's words were quite insightful, but she had already put all her heart into Ma Junwu. She had to wait for the news. Where could she? After pondering for a long time, she looked up and said with a smile, "The elder is right, but many things are often unexpected. The younger generation has a plan to make the best of both worlds. The two elders might as well stay at the peak of Jin and wait for the good news from the elder Xuanqing." The younger generation and sister Luan went to look for them together. If they got the news, they should send a message to Xuanyu Linghe. Please go to help. Within ten days, if you still can't find a clue, you should return to this cottage. If you get a message from the elder Xuanqing, you can leave a message to explain where you are going. The younger generation should go with Sister Luan to help. "That's a good idea," said Yu Zhenzi. "We'll take ten days." Bai Yunfei pretended to be calm, smiled, pulled Li Qingluan out of the room slowly, raised his face and roared, and called down the crane. "Sister," said Li Qingluan with a smile, "don't you want to ride a big white crane? I'll let you ride today. As he spoke, he pulled Qingluan onto the back of the crane, but when he heard the sound, the giant crane spread its wings and rose into the sky. Master Wukong looked up and watched the crane disappear in a trance. Bai Yunfei took Li Qingluan away, leaving him with a sense of anxiety and sadness. Yu Zhenzi looked at Master Wukong's two merciful eyebrows and knew that he was worried about Li Qingluan's safety. He said in a low voice, "Don't worry, old Zen master. I think Bai Yunfei really cherishes Li Qingluan." "I hope so," said Wukong with a sigh. Yu Zhenzi was waiting for a reply when she caught a glimpse of Long Yubing coming quickly. When she saw the master, she suddenly quickened her pace and ran to Yu Zhenzi and bowed. In the past two days, Yuzhenzi and Master Wukong were busy looking for Taoist Xuanqing. They didn't notice Long Yubing at all. When they saw her suddenly, they couldn't help asking, "Bing, where have you been these two days?" Long Yubing's heart jumped when asked by his master. "I came to the cottage last night," he said. "After talking with Younger Martial Sister Li for a while, I went back to the Sanyuan Palace." She did not know whether the master had returned to the Sanyuan Palace last night,heavy duty metal racks, so after answering a few words, she immediately showed a restless look, but Boyu Zhenzi opened his mouth and exposed her lies. jracking.com

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