Underbelly Black Heavenly Master of Rebirth

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Description: Every time I see this man, I think of my child who was born, think of my mother, and I feel anger filling my whole heart, and I wish I could burn myself. This is the man who destroyed his family and everything. He also weaves a dark and cold dream for himself, and deceives himself for hundreds of years, and this man is the father he has always respected. Asshole? Did you ever talk to your father like that? There is no superiority or inferiority. See his son like this, Chi Jinhao is a face of helplessness, oneself do this is not for him? Turn around and get your own, don't you? I just don't know how to be grateful. It seems that I'm still too light. Let you come back this time is to let you come back to marry, that human if you like, you can accept, but can not give birth to children. What Chi Jinhao said was a serious face, which was beyond doubt. What? If you ask me to get married, I will get married! Who do you think you are! Do you still think I am that naive teenager? Is it a chess piece in your hand? As long as I don't want to do something, you can't force me at all. Chi Bai Chi said! He was about to leave, and as long as he was here,silk ficus tree, he felt uncomfortable all over, and he was almost mad. As long as this man is in the place, their own party rejection, from the heart of disgust, if not. I wouldn't come to this place if I was dead. Seeing the appearance of Chi Bai Chi, the corners of Chi Jin Hao's mouth showed a trace of warm anger, and the expression on his face also became distorted. If it were not for his only child,artificial grass panels, if he had been told so by a child, he would have already turned into a corpse. It is simply an evil obstacle. Don't say that yet. I'm sure she'll agree when I see her later. The corners of Chi Jinhao's mouth showed a trace of pride, and everything was under his control. Is it? I want to see how you get me to agree. Chi Bai Chi said! Go straight forward and sit in Chi Jinhao's seat with a pleasant face. You! You Chi Jinhao really doesn't know what to say? You're about to blow yourself up? How can I have such a son? Isn't your seat very good? Not as comfortable as a sofa? I don't know what you're thinking about when you give it back like a treasure? Do you put yourself in chains? Chi Bai Chi's face was full of disgust. It's yours from now on, and it's yours if you don't like it. Chi Jinhao looked at his son, a face of indignation, think of the scene for a while, the corners of the mouth of the smile slowly spread, a face of pride. Han Lingling was carried on his back and was about to vomit. He jumped up and down. Didn't he know how to get a car to drive? Otherwise, I thought the monkey had been carrying me all the time! Suddenly, Han Lingling's body is a vibration, this body is a tremor. Han Lingling immediately knew that it was not good, and immediately lay down on the woman's body honestly, fake ficus tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, making a dead body. The shadow naturally felt Han Lingling's movements, the running body immediately stopped, looking at Han Lingling's body, the whole person Leng Leng looked at, found that there was no abnormality, the expression became more anxious and strange. What's going on? Stupid! Is the boss still waiting? The mouse asked curiously, "isn't the shadow very reliable?"? Why are you stupid all of a sudden? It seems that all people are reliable! Is this woman awake? I just felt her move. Said the shadow doubtfully. She's not really dead. It's nothing? You don't allow her to move! Mouse a face of disgust, it seems that the chest is big and brainless this statement is right ah! "You've been poisoned by a spider with a human face. Give me a try." The shadow glared mercilessly like a mouse and walked forward directly with Han Lingling on his back. Ouch! You're just gonna leave? Are you tired after carrying it all the way! Do you want me to help you? Looking at the shadow that had gone away, the mouse shouted behind him and hurried after him. Sitting on the spacious seat, Chi Bai Chi's body suddenly shook, eyes flashed a trace of surprise, but only a short moment, random restoration of the usual appearance. But even so, Chi Jinhao was aware of it. It's not a surprise, but the surprise is still behind. Chi Jinhao is like a child who knows only one game, with a proud face. And Chi Bai Chi's face was blue and red, and his face was gloomy. After a while, I felt someone running towards this side, and soon came to the hall. Although both of them were dressed in black, they knew they were a man and a woman. Boss, the man has been arrested. The shadow knelt on the ground. Well, it's very good. Thank you for your hard work. Chi Jinhao was in a good mood and laughed out loud. Shadow and mouse two people are a little surprised, this eldest brother's mood looks good! It seems that the young master is back. Thinking of this, the shadow looked up with some joy and saw a teenager sitting in the middle of the hall, staring at the fainted woman, and a trace of gloom appeared on the shadow's face. It seems that the young master's heart still can not forget this woman, think of here the shadow of the eyes flashed a trace of disappointment. Red white Chi after two people come in, the eye lies tightly on the ground woman, even if does not have the woman's front face, he still can affirm this woman is Han Lingling. Red white Chi Teng ground did from the chair above, a dodge body has been to Han Lingling's side, in see her face, face suddenly become furious, look at the eyes of Chi Jinhao immediately become resentful. Take out the antidote. "The antidote!". Chi Jinhao seemed to have already known the reaction of Chi Bai Chi. The hand already had a small porcelain bottle, dangling in the hand. When Chi Bai Chi saw it, he immediately flew to snatch it. With a bang, the porcelain bottle fell to the ground, and the liquid inside the bottle was immediately absorbed by the marble, leaving only wet marble and broken porcelain bottles. Seeing such a scene, Chi Bai Chi looked hard at Chi Jin Hao. What do you mean? Chi Bai Chi is really anxious,outdoor palm trees, did not see the pattern on Han Lingling's face? Has been deeply poisoned, do not take the antidote is really going to be finished, but this matter can not be delayed ah! If Han Lingling has something to do? How do you explain to Xing Ziyi. hacartificialtree.com

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