The Legend of Killing God in Online Games

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Description: Long Xiao Tian was silent. He found that his recent experience was really weird. First, he suddenly woke up and sent out a god-killing, then he met a monster that could not be killed. Finally, he met the Titans in the lost world. Was all this the arrangement of fate or the premeditation in the dark? The old patriarch seemed to see what he was thinking: "Is the Lord confused about coming here?" "Yes, I've been having a very strange feeling these days," said Long Xiaotian helplessly. "If that's the case, according to the prophecy, we will tell you the location of the magic city." The old patriarch looked at him with some hope in his eyes. According to the prophecy, as long as the Lord went to the magic city, it would gain great power, and the Titans would be liberated. Do you know where the ancient city of demons is? Long Xiaotian asked in surprise. "Yes, it's a cursed city." The old patriarch said lightly, the tone can not hide a trace of fear, "that magic city within a hundred miles, few people, no matter who, as long as a close, the vitality will quickly fade, even with our Titan's terror constitution, also dare not easily approach." Where is the city now? Long Xiaotian asked hurriedly. "I'll send someone to take you there." As soon as the old patriarch finished, Long Xiaotian stood up and said, "It won't take a while. Send someone now." "All right, somebody!" The old patriarch shouted outside. Suddenly two strong men came from outside, "lead the Lord to the Demon City," the old patriarch shouted, his tone was excited, trapped here for ten thousand years, he wanted to return to the Demon Lord all the time, let the Lord uphold justice for him,Industrial pallet rack, destroy the damn Protoss, The two men, of course, knew the prophecy, and as soon as they heard the patriarch say these words, they bowed respectfully. "Please, Lord.". ” "En," Long Xiaotian walked out of the door, feeling a little excited, after all,long span shelving, without the power to kill God, his strength has been greatly reduced, and now he can restore his previous strength, of course, he is very excited. Long Xiaotian led by two Titan men, slowly walk in the desolate land, long Xiaotian bored behind them, until the Titan men stopped, "Lord, please forgive us can't lead you, the front is the direction of the devil city," "All right, I'll go by myself." Long Xiaotian waved his hand and walked alone. The two men looked at him deeply and then turned away. Sure enough, just step into a step, the value of life slowly decreased, the dragon Xiao Tian wry smile into the ring, ready to take out some red medicine, while eating and walking, at this time, killing God suddenly issued a light cry, pipe cantilever rack ,Pallet rack upright, in the dragon Xiao Tian body more than a blood-red boundary, had slowly reduced the value of life suddenly stopped reducing, Long Xiao Tianchang breathed a sigh of relief, no longer worried about the problem of hanging up before he reached the ancient city of Demon Skeleton. As he continued on his way, he was a little surprised by the scenery around him. The lush trees had lost their original color, and everything had no color! No wonder this place is called the lost world. Long Xiaotian walks on the road with an indifferent expression, looking at the gloomy scenery around him from time to time, just like shopping. In fact, life is the same. Everyone is on the road from birth, step by step. When he finishes all the journey, he sadly finds that the end of the journey is not important. What matters is whether you stop or not. To see the beautiful or plain scenery around? Horrible magic city, standing on the ground, slightly solemn atmosphere here added a strange, Long Xiao Tian raised his head to look up at the tall castle, the corners of his mouth slightly up, after so many setbacks, finally came to one of the three forbidden places in the legend, and what is waiting for him here? "Squeak" Long Xiaotian looked at the big iron gate in front of him in surprise, and opened it automatically and slowly. Long Xiaotian was slightly stupefied and strode into the city gate. The city was empty. As long as Long Xiaotian walked alone in the street, "What's the matter? Why is there no one here?" Long Xiaotian muttered to himself, frowning, and at this time, the silent Deicide once again sent out a long cry, and the sword body trembled. "Where is he?" Long Xiaotian held the killing God and asked in a low voice. As if attracted by a force, he flew out of the hand of the dragon and flew to the highest attic in the city. Long Xiaotian hurried to catch up with the past, that is the day artifact, ah, he now needs to rely on more than half of the strength of this weapon, the attic, a tall and majestic figure sitting on the roof, a cold armor, in the heart but there is a shocking hole, in the sunset, the figure appears lonely and desolate, he looked up at the sunset, eyes with a trace of sadness and helplessness, This man is Ao Tian! At this time a red light rushed to him, he conveniently a move, killing God obediently flew to his hand, "killing God, killing God, we have not met for ten thousand years, right?" He muttered to himself, not knowing whether he was confused or sighing. "Kill God, stop!" Long Xiao Tianbian scolded, but his footsteps did not stop, chasing after the killing of God, rushed up to the attic, but he was stunned to find that Ao Tian was stroking his sword and sighing. With a slight glance, Ao Tian asked carelessly, "Are you the deicide of this generation?" "Er, I am," in the face of this ultimate BOSS sweeping the divine world, even if Long Xiaotian is bold, he dares not have the slightest disrespect, people can easily second you. "Well, I can't imagine that I've been here for ten thousand years, but my inheritors are still handed down. Is this an irony?" Ao Tian said with a wry smile, his expression was not lonely and arrogant, but somewhat tired and decadent. "No," said Long Xiaotian with a smile, knowing what he meant. "I know why you came," Ao Tian laughed. "Do you want to know why I didn't die,Drive in racking system, but I came here?" "Yes!" Long Xiaotian nodded. "In fact, I don't know why I survived, and I don't know why I came here." Ao Tian gave an answer that was not the answer. He shrugged his shoulders casually. He stood up and looked at the sky. "I don't known when I came here. I've been trapped in this place for ten thousand years!"

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