The Complete Works of the February River Emperor Series

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Description: "When Ma Erzhenzi saw him suddenly hesitating, he said with a smile," Lanqing is a refined scholar. He must have a poem. DouGuang nai wry smile, slightly a Yin way: Gathering Fen is willing to be lonely, holding the clean and sad red; Fragrance does not flatter the snow, but hides the east wind. Ma Erzhenzi nodded and sighed, "It serves to show the integrity of the wind.". Difficult for this phrase "keep clean and mourn red"! -Well.. However, the word'Ang Zang 'is a little arrogant. Plum blossom is a daughter's mood. It's better to use'Sorrow to the East Wind'. " 'Ang Zang' is a bit overbearing," said Dou Guangnai. I'm talking about. The scene turns at will. There is no worry at this meeting. You can't force it to say worry. It's better to'smile at the east wind 'and look more generous and calm. "I'm talking nonsense," said Ma Erzhenzi. "I don't know anything about poetry? Last year, I had a drink with Ji Xiaolan, and he said that the ancient and modern poems on plum blossoms had been overdone, and it was the most difficult to come up with new ideas. He also scolded plum blossoms on behalf of peach blossoms, such as'Bamboo Gentleman, Pine Doctor, Plum Blossom No Name Alone ', and'Every Plum Fragrance is a Slave', which made us laugh! Dou Guangnai laughed and said, "That's a joke.". This man likes to depict salt without salt, and his mouth is full of nonsense. As he spoke, several mule drivers had settled the dead body, rubbed the snow and washed their hands, and came over laughing. When Dou Guangnai saw the footprints in the courtyard, he knew that they had been sent to the west wing. "Didn't you disturb the people living here?" He asked. "It's not a rented house," said the sedan-chair bearer with a smile. "Who cares?"? Someone in the east wing looked at it, but did not speak and closed the door. When Dou Guangnai wanted to ask,shuttle rack system, he suddenly heard a rush of footsteps coming from the road outside the temple, as if someone was chasing behind him, and someone was eating and drinking loudly: "Made of smelly corpses-Tomboy, stop!"! You don't want to live-*** your grandma! Where to run? Several people were stupefied, and in a twinkling of an eye, they saw an unkempt girl running up the temple steps. She was only twelve or thirteen years old. On such a cold day, she was wearing only a tattered blue cloth gown, and her bound feet were loose. She was dragging a black belt and twisting her bound feet. Even one of her shoes ran away. She ran to the temple tablet and looked around with a pale face. In a hurry, she saw at a glance the north end of the east wing, the well next to the house of the former abbot of Wutong Temple. The dark mouth of the well stood out in the snow. She hesitated for a moment and rushed away. Unexpectedly, she dragged her foot belt behind her and wrapped it around a broken purlin nail. With only one drag, she "sniff" a horse climb and slid straight out of Zhang Xu's distance! As a result, even the people who lived in the east wing were alarmed. When Dou Guang-nai and Ma Er-zhenzi hurried up to help the girl, industrial racking systems ,push back racking system, the grass curtain in the north wing of the east wing moved, and two young men dressed as beggars rushed out. Both of them were smiling. They could not help but set up the girl and went into the room. Then they heard someone in the room shouting, "Find her a dry cotton-padded gown." Wrapped in the quilt first-how can you dress like a horse in this weather? Wash her face with hot water one by one! But it was a genuine Beijing accent, and the childe ordered the servant to speak in a tone. Will there be beggars from Beijing at this time? Both Dou Guangnai and Ma Erzhenzi were stunned. Surprised, he retreated to the side of the big iron tripod and watched quietly. The group of people chasing the girl had already swarmed into the temple. There were about twelve or thirteen of them. They all looked like Zhuang Ding, but their clothes were very miscellaneous. All of them were dressed in short cotton-padded jackets, and their mouths were breathing white. A man in his thirties glanced at Matteo and Dou and shouted into the room, "Dead girl, come out quickly!" Several ZhuangDing also shout shout scold, tone is very light peach: "Come out, the bachelor is going to be in a hurry!" "I want you to sit in the bridal sedan chair and be the bride. Why are you jumping into the well?"? It's true-if you don't go to heaven, there's no way to hell! "After all, it's a girl trained by everyone, and she's still ashamed!" "This wench is Shuiling, and she can't blame Laowu for getting angry. Give the two tea mountains to Ge Ershao to redeem her." "All the maids in the family are so beautiful. They're ten times more handsome than Second Daughter-in-law Ge. I don't know what they look like." "It must be the appearance of sinking fish and falling geese, and the appearance of shy flowers and closed moon!" "Face!"! Watch a few plays and you'll be Mr. Sven! In the midst of the discussion, Wang Laowu shouted again, "Listen to the people in the house. Let them go quickly!"! Or I'll break in! "Who is running wild here?" As soon as the grass curtain moved, a young man dodged out, but he was also dressed as a beggar. He was about 14 or 15 years old, and he was already an adult. At his feet, he put on a pair of dirty black catfish old cotton-headed coarse cloth boots. He was dressed in an old sheepskin robe with oil stains on his body, and the white flowers were greasy. He could not see what trousers and jackets he was wearing inside. A ridiculously large six-in-one felt hat made his eyebrows and eyes very low, and his face was all over the place. I don't know whether it was pot smoke or mud. He stood with his legs spread across his waist, looking funny and energetic in the snow. For a moment, Dou Guangnai felt familiar, but he couldn't remember when and where he had seen this man. Ma Erzhenzi did not speak, but looked at the young man carefully, and glanced at the two beggars who came out from time to time. The young man, however, paid no attention to the crowd at all. He twisted his brows and stared at Wang Laowu. "Who is this girl?" He asked slowly. "My wife!" "Wife?" The teenager seemed a little surprised, staring and asking, "How old are you this year?" "Thirty-five!" "What about her?" "She.." Bachelor hesitated for a moment, "probably." Probably Fourteen or fifteen! The boy was stunned and then burst out laughing. At that moment, there was a flash of lightning in Ma Erzhenzi's mind. He recognized it and whispered to Dou Guangnai, "This is a beggar dressed up as Joe.". This young man is not small, is the second son of Fu Jue Xiang, called Fu Kangan. Dou Guangnai's heart suddenly, no wonder the face is familiar, the original two images of Ye to confirm in one place, but confused, and shook his head. Listen to that boy laugh: "There is no such husband in the world,asrs warehouse, even the age of his wife can not tell!"! You are thirty-five and she is thirteen. Are you her husband? You should be her grandfather! (1) Jue Xiang: Fu Heng was granted a title of nobility because of his meritorious military service, and he was also the prime minister, so he was honored as Jue Xiang.

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