Smiling Raksha _ Pai Pai Novel

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Description: "Dequan, I want to go down." Ye Qianluo's voice, like the sounds of nature, called out Dequan under the room. His heart, which had been hanging all the time, was finally put down. The girl on the roof had disappeared. " Master, be careful. "The ladders and guards have been prepared for a long time. Set up the ladders. Ye Qianluo slowly walked down the roof. Today's weather will be particularly sunny, and the mood will be a little better." Don't tell anyone about what happened today. Do you understand? Ye Qianluo's first order to Dequan was that he didn't want others to know that he knew a special girl. He was a little selfish. It could only be his own secret. He didn't want to share it with others. Although Dequan felt strange about the master's command, he was also sensitive to the fact that the little master was not as depressed as he used to be, as if he was in a much better mood. Selfishly, Dequan still hopes that the little master can have friends and let him have a partner to talk with. Returning to the Plum Garden, Xiaoxiao saw that Yuhe was already waiting for her. They had no doubt about her departure, but they breathed a sigh of relief when they saw her safe return. "Miss, you can go," said the swift, stepping forward to Xiao-Shao. Where are the eldest sister and the second sister? Xiaoxiao didn't see the shadow of Sima Ma Yun and Sima Yan. Did they go first? No, go back to their wing. The two young ladies went back to their rooms to pack up their things and let the young ladies meet outside the door. "Swift said that when the two young ladies came just now,water bottling line, they looked angry. Maybe the plan to go to yuanshan Temple had changed, right?"? But the second young lady did not say, so they would not ask, but everything was arranged by the young lady. Rain crane, you send a message to the phantom, let him find a person-medical monster, as soon as there is news to tell me,PET blow moulding machine, "Xiaoxiao did not forget just promised others things, think of that depressed teenager, Xiaoxiao only feel pity and sympathy, think of another teenager she had contact with-Yuchi Hongze, but is so youthful vitality, this life in the world, life is different ah?"? "Yes," the rain crane and the sisters took a look, do not understand why the young lady suddenly want to find a doctor, is she where uncomfortable? Still Anyway, from now on, they should pay attention to the young lady's physical condition and not be confused. You can rest assured that I'm fine. I'm looking for a person. "Xiaoxiao looked at their flirtations with each other in a funny way. She was deeply moved by their sensitivity and love. She didn't expect that her every move would make them so nervous.". Rain crane and sisters heard Xiaoxiao's words, Beverage packing machine ,water filling machine, embarrassed to lower their heads, but the heart is also relaxed, as long as the young lady has something to do, then everything is easy to do. A group of people took the lead out of Sima Fu, set foot on their own carriage, without the driver, the rain eagle has held the reins, waiting for the arrival of the two young ladies. Time passed by minute by minute, Xiaoxiao almost fell asleep in the carriage, and before they came out, there would be no delay, right? "Swift, you go and have a look." You can feel the hot sun without looking outside. Xiaoxiao just hopes to spend more time with her sisters. Have they already started? "Miss, the first lady said, the first lady and the second lady can't go out, please forgive me." The swift who returned a moment later got this result. So, they have begun to be on guard. It's all right. This is interesting, isn't it? "Didn't you see the young lady and the second young lady?" Xiaoxiao wanted to know that if Sima Ma Yun and Sima Yan could come out, they would have come out long ago, and they would not even have no one to pass on their words. It seems that they were controlled by the big lady. Let's go, yuanshan Temple "Xiaoxiao did not get off to go home, but insisted on the original itinerary plan, they do not go, then she went by herself.". With the sound of hooves, the carriage gradually moved away from Sima Fu, whose door was still closed. "She's gone. Go back to your rooms. Don't think about going out of the house. Yuner, take good care of your illness. You can't make a mistake at the welcome banquet of the young Prince Xuanyuan. If possible, we'll take this opportunity to settle your marriage."; And you, Yan'er, don't go to the Plum Garden for nothing in the future. You are not young. If there is a suitable candidate, we will also give you the marriage. It is also good for me and your father's wish. "The first lady waved back the girls in the room and looked at the two daughters with different looks.". I don't understand why these two daughters are so close to Xiaoxiao? This Si Ma Yun and Sima Yan are at the time of marriage, whether it is reputation or what, can not have a little mistake, Xiaoxiao to go to yuanshan Temple with them, do not know what idea to play? If it were like that, wouldn't all her efforts be in vain? She was afraid to take the risk. And whether this Xiaoxiao had a certain understanding of the events of that year, whether she knew who had hired the murderer, she dared not, nor could she gamble with the lives of her daughters, she could not let Xiaoxiao destroy everything that was coming. Volume I,CSD filling line, Chapter 60 "Swift, have you found out about Sima Qing?" Xiaoxiao leaned back on the seat in the carriage and asked lazily, "It's time to make a move.".

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