Romance of a Rich and Powerful Family: My Husband of Hades Marriage

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Description: "Not very bitter!" The elder sister-in-law is polite and authentic, but Zhang Yanlan's departure really makes the elder sister-in-law relaxed a lot, because Zhang Yanlan is really not a good host. The elder sister-in-law told a lie! Mo Ziran looked at the elder sister-in-law and said with a smile, "Mom, you see, the elder sister-in-law is obviously a relaxed look, see Zhang Yanlan gone, how happy she is to mention in her heart!" Seeing that her worries were discovered, the elder sister-in-law was embarrassed to bow her head. "Madam, please don't blame me. The elder of the in-laws is a little difficult to serve." "Elder sister-in-law!" Zheng Ling hurriedly said, "I know very well who Zhang Yanlan is. How can I blame you?"! "I dare not blame you." "Ha ha, I think it's a pity!" Mo Ziran said with some regret. What's a pity? Zheng Ling is a little puzzled, "do you still want that Yanlan to live here?" "I originally asked my sister-in-law to punish Zhang Yanlan, but unfortunately I haven't figured out how to punish her yet, so she moved out, so I think it's a pity!" Zheng Ling patted her forehead, "Yes, why didn't I think of it? Alas,PET bottle Mold, I wasted such a good opportunity." "It's all your fault!" Mo Ziyue and Zheng Ling pointed to their eldest sister-in-law at the same time. …… I The elder sister-in-law pointed at herself and was really puzzled by the accusations of her two employers. It was none of her business that they didn't become Zhang Yanlan. The elder sister-in-law laughed and said, "What's the matter, ladies?" "Because you didn't do anything to her!" "Oh, what a pity!" Mo Ziran and Zheng Ling finished, and they walked into the house at the same time. What right do I have? The elder sister-in-law looked at Mo Ziran and Zheng Ling's back in amazement, innocent tunnel. Mo Ziran returned to his room soon. Grandma,PET blow moulding machine, grandma! Chen Mingyu appeared at the door with a sad face and wanted to come into the room, but when she saw Chen Zhenguo, she dared not come in. Mingyu! Mo Ziran got down from the tatami chair and went outside the door. "You seem very unhappy. What's the matter?" "Grandma!" Asked by Mo Ziran, Chen Mingyu burst into tears. Mo Ziran hugged Chen Mingyu lightly. "Mingyu, don't cry. Tell Grandma what happened." In Mo Ziran's arms, Chen Mingyu continued to cry as if he had not heard Mo Ziran's words. Mo Ziran gently pushed Chen Mingyu and looked at her face with plow flowers and rain. "Did you quarrel with Huang Ansheng?" But how could Huang Ansheng quarrel with Chen Mingyu? He didn't love her enough. Mo Ziran did not say that Huang Ansheng was all right, but when he said Huang Ansheng, Chen Mingyu cried even more. Lying directly in Mo Ziran's arms, tears like a reservoir that burst the dike, roared down, and soon soaked Mo Ziran's clothes, no matter how Mo Zilan tried to persuade her not to stop. Chen Zhenjia, who was sitting on a bamboo chair and did not intend to participate, plastic bottle making machine ,Beverage packing machine, twisted his eyebrows, because he, like Mo Ziran, thought that Chen Mingyu was in a bad temper with Huang Ansheng. Maybe he had suffered a little loss, so he ran up and cried to Mo Ziran. And he also felt that it must be Chen Mingyu who was vexatious or confused. Then Huang Ansheng accidentally said something heavy, and then she felt very aggrieved. He went to Yunshan Mountain to cry to Mo Ziran. Chen Zhenguo looked at Mo Ziran with satisfaction. His little wife was used to her role as a grandmother, and she did a good job. This Chen family really has to have a hostess, Shen Ru such woman is certainly not suitable, now Mo Ziran does very well, this family finally has a reliable hostess. Chen Mingyu was still crying there. Chen Zhenguo put down his book and looked over. He found that Mo Ziran's skirt had been warmed, and Chen Mingyu's hair had rubbed against Mo Ziran's face. It would be terrible if there were bacteria later. Chen Zhenguo hurriedly drank in a cold voice, "speak well to me and don't cry." As soon as he heard Chen Zhenguo's shouts, Chen Mingyu, like a reservoir with a closed gate, immediately stopped crying. Chen Zhenguo pointed to the sofa chair in the room and said, "sit there and give me a good explanation." Chen Mingyu glanced at Mo Ziran and asked for Mo Ziran's advice. If Mo Ziran did not let her sit, she would not sit, because she knew that her ghost grandfather was most afraid of her little grandmother. Mo Ziran took Chen Mingyu's hand and went to the sofa chair to sit her down. After Chen Mingyu sat down, the small chair that had been on the side of the bed flew out of the bed and flew behind Mo Ziran. Mo Ziran took advantage of the situation and sat down. When Chen Mingyu saw this, the expression on his face was slightly stunned, and he quickly recovered his original sad expression. Because she's here now, not to wonder about the chair, but something else. Come on, what happened? Mo Ziran, who was sitting firmly, immediately asked. Grandma Chen Mingyu said with tears and wanted to stay. Speak well and don't cry! Seeing that Chen Mingyu was going to plow the flowers with rain again, Chen Zhenguo said coldly. As soon as Chen Zhenguo's words came out, Chen Mingyu naturally took away the tears that were about to overflow from his eyes. Grandma, Ansheng, he doesn't want my child! Chen Mingyu covered his stomach and felt very sad. Chapter 446 never left for a moment. It's not easy for her to conceive this child. Since Chen Mingyu and Huang Ansheng got married, Chen Mingyu has always wanted to have a child with Huang Ansheng, but Huang Ansheng has always insisted on not having a child on the grounds that Chen Mingyu is still young. No matter how soft Chen Mingyu is, Huang Ansheng has always disagreed. Chen Mingyu even made trouble, but it didn't work. Huang Ansheng still didn't agree to have a baby, and he did a better job of safety measures. Chen Mingyu naturally did not know Huang Ansheng's concerns. In the end, Chen Mingyu secretly pricked a small hole in the condom with Huang Ansheng on his back. But soon, Huang Ansheng found out, and all replaced a batch, and also put away, not to let Chen Mingyu see,Edible oil filling machine, Chen Mingyu originally felt that there was no hope. Chen Mingyu found out yesterday that her menstruation was more than ten days late, and in recent days, she always wanted to sleep.

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