Release Soon, Lenovo Chen Jin Exposed MYUI 4.0 New Personalized Interface _ Display _ New Machine _ Carry

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Description: Original Title: Release Soon, Lenovo Chen Jin Exposes MYUI 4.0 New Personalized Interface After revealing that Motorola MYUI 4.0 will be released soon, Chen Jin,seamstress measuring tape, general manager of Lenovo's mobile phone business in China, exposed the new personalized interface of MYUI 4.0 through social media this morning. The picture shows that MYUI 4.0 supports custom icons,bra tape measure, tones, icon shapes, font sizes, personalized tape measure ,retractable tape measure sewing, display sizes, sounds, layouts, and system themes. According to IT House, Chen Jin said that MYUI 4.0 will be released together with the new machine, and this time it will improve the experience. Earlier, Chen Jin also shared the new Logo of MYUI 4.0. MYUI 4.0 "About Mobile Phone" page shows that MYUI Logo will have dynamic color change effect, and the new machine will also be equipped with Qualcomm's first generation of Miaolong 8 + processor. According to previous reports, Motorola Razr 2022 is about to be released, which is expected to be folded up and down, and equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1 processor. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor: (function() { function getBrandHtml() { var brands = [],bra measuring tape, html = ''; for(var i = 0; i < brands.length; i++) { var brand = brands[i]; if(brands.length i+1) { html+= ''''; } else { html+= '''?'; } } return html; }; if(document.getElementById('linkBtn')){ document.getElementById('linkBtn').onclick = function() { $('#brands').removeClass('brand');$ ( '# tipInfo').text ( 'Real name responded'); $ ('#linkBtn').remove();$ ('.real-response .content').css('line-height', '20px');$ ('.real-response .time').css('line-height', '20px'); }; document.getElementById('brands').innerHTML = getBrandHtml(); }; })();?

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