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Description: When Su returned to his apartment, he received a message from Yu Jinnian. Dreamer: "I forgot to ask you, what is your dream?" Dream Chaser: "Tomorrow you will know." The next day, when Yu Jinnian was visiting his mother in the hospital, he received a system notification. The host you follow, Dream Chaser, is broadcasting live. Go and have a look. Yu Jinnian hurriedly went in. It turned out that her dream was also to be a professional game player. Yu Jinnian did not doubt it. Here, at least half of the ten people's dream is to be a professional game player. There are many people who pay attention to Sue. Whether it's an anchor or a spectator. Who let him be a big brother. And a big man with a lot of gossip. Naturally, there are many fans. Even Su has more fans than Yu Jinnian. As soon as Su broadcast live, there were more than three thousand people in the live broadcast room in an instant. No words. "***!"! The big man showed his face live. Phantom "What is this?"? The road turns pink. It's so beautiful. Ink Blue and White "Big Brother, are you turning to be an anchor?" Tonglushan Kindergarten "observed with my 12k titanium eyes, what is plain face, and no filter." A lot of people are talking on the public screen, and some anchors have already started to brush up gifts for Sue. The anchor's heart is to brush a gift and look familiar in front of the big brother. In a twinkling of an eye, the big brother may give them a gift. Sue is adjusting the camera, so the lens is a little shaky. After a while, she adjusted it and faced the camera. One side to her face, one side to her hand. First of all. As soon as Sue came, she said, "Don't give me a gift. I have more money than I can spend." As soon as Su's words were finished, the 6666 screen was brushed on the public screen. Also,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, I live, want to learn technology can stay, I live will not make up, will not open the beauty, so there is no cute. "Finally, who wants to eat chicken with me, this goddess will take him to score, and the rookie will drag his feet infinitely." Jiusang said,Low Rpm Electric Motor, "Shit, this anchor is a little bit." I am her, "I, I, I am a serious drag, take the bomb can kill their own kind of big brother?" The anchor took me to score, "Xiuer, is that you?" Streamer is fleeting. "Big brother's words are really awesome, and he is not afraid of flashing his tongue." Passerby "Big Brother" is so skilled, why not start the live broadcast earlier? He's obviously talking big and waiting to be hit in the face. "This is my ID, you can add me." Sue ignored what was said on the public screen. "I pick people from above to eat chicken." Soon, Sue had a lot of news. Sue added a low rank and two high rank people at random. Not all of them add low rank, because the opponent's grade will also be pulled down, one low rank, two high rank, Planetary Gear Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, all prepare for it. Soon, the three of them were ready, and Sue clicked to start the game. The screen cuts and everyone appears on the birth island. We'll go to the military base later. If you have a good position, you can follow me. If you have a bad position, you can find a place to hide. You can come out after I empty the military base. Sue is number one. As soon as she finished, number two spoke. It was a boy. Big brother, don't look at my rank. In fact, I'm looking for someone to play for me. I'll follow you for a while. You protect me. "Number two is shameless, and my rank is the lowest." It was number four who spoke this time, and it was the voice of a little girl. Number three said, "Number four, you can follow me later, and my brother will take you." Number three is a boy, and when she heard that number four was a girl, she obviously wanted to flirt with girls. Three people ordered to follow Sue. When you jump, you can see a lot of military bases around you. Military bases, commonly known as airports, are rich in resources, but equally, the competition is fierce. Even if the great God jumps in this place, if he doesn't pay attention, he may fall into a box. As soon as Sue came, she said she would jump here, and her tone was not small. Sue looked around and came to the edge of the military base. The parachute fell slowly, and Sue jumped over a room and immediately picked up a shotgun. Although the shotgun has a short attack range and takes time to change bullets, it is very powerful. If it's close, it's no problem even if it's a three-level head. Sue looked at the security zone, and the military base was just inside the security zone, which meant that there was no need to run poison. She jumped down and was immediately confronted by a player with a pistol. Sue's expression was calm, and she quickly aimed the shotgun. Bang. One shot to the head. You use the s686 shotgun to kill the player with a string of codes! Chapter 301 the level of professional players. Sue took her time and immediately began to search the house. She got lucky and quickly found an AK assault rifle. The equipment on the body is the first class armor and the first class bag. With the assault rifle, Sue was no longer dangling from the edge, but heading for the middle of the military strike. There's constant gunfire. You can hide on the edge. I'll *** them. Sue said, went into another room and picked up a red dot and a 416 assault rifle. Although there is no double lens, there is a red dot, which is enough. Sue walked all the way to the middle, looked at the enemy's position, and quickly jumped into a house. Then the three teammates kept seeing the system prompts. Your teammate Dream Chaser uses an AK assault rifle to knock down the player and take you to eat chicken! Your teammate Dream Chaser uses an AK assault rifle to kill the player and take you to eat chicken! Your teammate Dream Chaser killed the player with an AK assault rifle. Add a friend, sister! …… The three of them were stunned. Number two, "Big Brother Niu Pi." Number three, "Big Brother, I'm coming." Number four, "Number three, wait for me." Sue went all the way and changed her equipment. Class 2 armor, class 3 head, 416 assault rifle replaced by 98k sniper rifle, silencer and 6x scope. Sue ran quickly to the second floor of a house. She's already knocked down a man in the opposite building, but it's obvious that he has a teammate. She quietly poked her head,Micro Gear Motor, took the 98k and began to look at people. Bang. Your teammate Dream Chaser knocked down the player with a 98k sniper rifle. I, Hu Haner, refuse to accept it! "It seems that this is a team." ? ichgearmotor.com

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