Nirvana in the last days

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Description: Countless mechanical roar and the sound of energy explosion, Zhao Yu woke up in an instant, he quietly lying on a tree, looking at the countless black spots, like a wave to the towering ark. Could it be that so many people would gather here? It turned out that a small number of monsters on the other side of the island had rushed into the shore and attacked the ark guards for the first time. It seems that the ark, which has lost the cooperation of another part of the forces, has been somewhat unable to hold, although the various forces hidden in the ark, aware of the extreme crisis at the moment, have taken out all their firepower to stabilize the current situation. However, the scattered monsters that had previously rushed in had either penetrated into the crowd or merged into the ark, making it impossible for those weapons to be used normally. Under the onlookers of those soldiers, the peak still did not break the order to attack directly, so as not to cause the chill of his men. But such a situation is that those who have previously broken in the monster, then wantonly destroy inside, the situation has been stable, but because of that pool of loiterers, slowly become unstable. In view of this, Zhao Yucai understood why those people came, must have reached an agreement with the other side's forces, and considering their own crisis, or decided to kill them. After guessing this, Zhao Yu did not stop here. He also realized that the monsters really rushed into the shore and broke the ark's defense, so that the people gathered in the torrent and rushed to the places where the survivors gathered, which would cause terrible consequences,Alumina Ceramic C795, and even make his own parents extremely dangerous. Therefore, he also decided to join in and contribute to it. Like Zhao Yu, there are many survivors who see those monsters, but there is no one to impact them. Without Zhao Yu's strength, even if they have any guns, the only result of rushing out is death. Those who saw the black spots in the distance seemed to be aware of the terrible consequences of these monsters once they were scattered, and some of them rushed back quickly. At this point, with Zhao Yu's action and stay, the troops that had been left behind had caught up,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, just a distance away from Zhao Yu, and began to attack. In front of Shangguanling's adoptive father, looking at Zhao Yu's figure slowly frowning, seems to be very impressed with him, only a background has made him realize what. But when he was still recalling, Zhao Yu had disappeared into the dense support frame of the ark and rushed to the place of the monster. Look, what's that guy doing, getting ready for hand-to-hand combat with the monster.. Is encircling the monster, but constantly dead one by one soldiers, see Zhao Yu's figure straight to the monster, can not help but open his mouth. From just now to now, so many of them, with many weapons, can only barely stabilize the monster's March, the two sides are only a stalemate, they want to kill those monsters, almost impossible situation. But I never thought I would see a survivor rush inward. But then, cordierite c520 ,Kamado bbq grill, their eyes widened, as if they could not believe the scene in front of them. Zhao Yu, who rushed to the near place, took advantage of the huge steel frame next to him to dodge an impact with great sensitivity. The monsters of the aquatic creatures were not fast when they were on land, so Zhao Yu, who was far faster than ordinary people, was able to dodge calmly. With a heavy kick and a jump of three or four meters, Zhao Yu looked at the monsters below, controlled countless bloodshot, and got into the bodies of these monsters. Ever since he had used this method of attack on the Ark, he would think of it when he encountered absolute danger. Of course, from the heart, Zhao Yu also felt that this way was somewhat cruel and disgusting, so he did not use it in general. So, under the watchful eyes of the soldiers, the guy who rushed close to the monster dodged the bombardment of the monster at a speed beyond the reach of ordinary people, and then jumped at the monster in the air. The monster in front of them seemed to be out of sight for a moment, without any evasion at all, but when the man attacked them, they seemed to have encountered a terrible attack, and their whole bodies twitched and gradually fell to the ground motionless. Obviously, the power of the survivor's punch has killed the monster who was insufferably arrogant in the face of hot weapons. "Humanoid monster" most of the soldiers under the shock, one of the soldiers, looking at Zhao Yu constantly prancing figure, seems to realize something, suddenly shouted the word. As a result, everyone standing here was startled to think of the terror of the man in the ark in front of him, and he was barely able to accept the powerful means in front of him. Originally, Zhao Yu is killing a monster, he has thought, these into the ark chassis of the various monsters, really difficult to solve, even if those hot weapons can destroy it, it is also likely to accidentally damage the ark. Moreover, the various monsters that have spread are not so easy to catch at all. Therefore, Zhao Yu decided to rely on their own ability to destroy these scattered monsters, so that Zhao Yu is still satisfied with the situation, no longer worse. As it happened, killing a monster, he also heard the voice of the soldiers from the rear, heard the words they read, Zhao Yu knew that these people had recognized themselves. Thinking that he was in the ark and had slaughtered at least a thousand people, he did not stay here and went deep into the ark again. Believe that at this moment, no matter what aspect you want to keep yourself, it is not so easy to accept. Constantly killing a monster, Zhao Yu, who was in the depths of the Ark's steel, finally never heard any sound. Around, those who may already know what the soldiers, also just stand far away, watching Zhao Yu, see him killed so many monsters, originally a few soldiers want to stand in front of say hello, but think of this guy's means,Ceramic Band Heater, as well as the situation of the authorities to him, many people are just staring, watching Zhao Yu gradually disappeared in the line of sight.

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