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Description: I gawked at him, and I never thought that Hades, as the king of the underworld, would use such a trick that only children in the human world would use. After a moment of lethargy, I reacted with a surge of anger and said, "Hades, do you want to cheat?" Hades smiled, and the momentum on his body was completely restrained. "Did I act shamelessly?" He said indifferently? Let me ask you, who suffered in the first two encounters? I am stupefied, answer: "Yes, before two times fight those who suffer a loss is me really, but, at that time I did not..." "As long as you admit that you are at a disadvantage," Hades said. "You just said that I showed mercy in the first two attacks. Do you know that?" I nodded my head subconsciously. Hades smiled eerily and said, "Since I have the upper hand and show mercy, and the bet is really not over, what kind of cheating can I say?". I have the upper hand, I let you rest for a while, don't you want to? I didn't say the bet was off. I was immediately speechless by his words, angry way: "You..." Hadith smiled and said, "Well, you haven't had a good rest since you came back from the Cave of Devouring Souls. That's all for today. It's quite comfortable to exercise your muscles and bones. I haven't had such a good fight for a long time.". I'll go back first, and you can have a rest in the Great Demon Temple of Lucifer. I don't object to going to the boundary of the two realms of the underworld first. You still have to attend the meeting of the new people of the two realms for me. With your present strength, I will win. Haha, Sophia will swallow the bitter fruit of failure this time. I am very happy to think that she sees your twelve wings. However, you must remember that since our bet has not been completed, I may attack the divine world. Don't say that I don't count when the time comes. With that,heavy duty cantilever racks, he flashed and flew in the direction of Hades Castle. I shouted at his back, "Hades, remember that if you dare to attack the divine world without authorization, don't blame me for being your enemy." Hades did not answer, but sped away. The day of the devil in the sky has returned to normal at the same time as Hades left. I was depressed. I thought I could solve the dispute between the two worlds smoothly, but I didn't expect to let Hades muddle through like this. I was really unwilling! Hades, no matter what tricks you play, as long as I am here, you will never be allowed to unify the three realms, hum! As soon as the shadow flashed, Lucifer flew to my side. Instead of speaking to me, he pulled one of my silver wings and looked at it curiously. My mind was still on Hades who had left. He was startled. The fusion energy worked naturally, and Lucifer's hand was shaken open. At the same time, a dark magic was sucked in from my wings and quickly transformed into my own power. Big brother, metal racking systems ,medium duty racking, what are you doing? Lucifer looked at his hand in surprise and said, "Good boy, you actually suck your eldest brother's power." I said with a wry smile, "I didn't do it on purpose. If you grab my wings casually, the energy will naturally run." Lucifer sighed, "Now I understand why Lord Hades would rather act shamelessly than deliver the final blow to you." I smiled helplessly and said, "I have long understood that he was afraid of not being able to knock me down and gave up the goal of unifying the three realms." Lucifer shook his head and said, "No, not only because of this, but also because he is afraid of losing." I am stupefied, doubt way: "Afraid to lose?" Lucifer nodded solemnly and said, "Yes, you are afraid of losing. The strength you showed today really surprised us.". Lord Hades has never been defeated since he was created by the Father God in the three realms. Even the God King is only tied with him. However, the strength you have shown today is so strange that you are not afraid of his deadly death energy, and his confidence to win is gone. If you make the final blow again, you will probably not only fail to defeat you, but also be defeated by you. As the leader of the underworld, he would never allow that to happen. I think Lord Hades must be very uncomfortable now. ” I combed my long straggly white hair behind my back and said, "Well, I can't help it if he doesn't want to finish the bet.". After all, he had saved my life, and just when I did not fully grasp their own energy, I can not take the initiative to attack him, everything depends on fate. As long as I'm here, he shouldn't mess around. Lucifer smiled and said, "Yes!"! Your power is so perverted now. Who wants to offend you. Tell me, what did you get in the cave of devouring souls, and why did your power increase so much? "Brother," I said with a smile, "it's not that I don't want to tell you. It's just that the soul-eating cave told me not to tell others what I saw and heard when I left. God said, do not say. Don't ask about it, and you will know later. I can't say anything about Father God now, and I don't want anyone to know the source of my power. Let's wait until the end of the meeting of the two new people. What I'm most worried about now is Ziyan. I don't know how she is now. The divine world, the temple of the divine king. Mother, the situation is very bad now! Almost all the mythical beasts and wingless gods have mutinied to the underworld. Now our strength has been weaker than the other side, so go on, I am afraid. Princess Sifia, who had forgotten everything, said eagerly. Sophia is obviously a little haggard, these recent events really give her a headache, Hades side is ready to move, he must wait for the day of the angel tears, the energy turns weak and then attack with a large army to launch the third war of the gods. Own side lost the God beast and the wingless God department two big races, the strength is naturally weaker than before, under the ebb and flow,metal racking systems, is very likely to be unable to resist the attack of the underworld. Sophia sighed, "Did I really do something wrong?" "Mother, what are you talking about?" Asked Sifiya. ?

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