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Description: Peng Yu knew that because of Qiu Chenxi, he was angry. But this time, Peng Yu did not refuse. He also felt that it was time for him to find someone to get married and settle down: "Cheng, you and my mother help me to have a look, almost, get married directly." Everything is better than Qiaonan is not easy to find, but a few women who are better than Qiaonan's shining points are much easier to find. Yes, it's a deal. If I really find you such a girl, you won't disagree and stand us up, will you? "No." If he doesn't get married again, don't wait for his son to be born. Zhai Sheng's son has brought his girlfriend home. It is estimated that he is used to comparing with Zhai Sheng. When it comes to his future children, Peng Yu's inertial thinking also insists that his son and Zhai Sheng's son compete for performance. As soon as Peng Yu spoke, the Peng family immediately released a message to the outside world the next day, saying that they wanted to pick a daughter-in-law. Peng's family background in the end is good, before those girls are married one by one, one is because of Peng Yu. Peng Yu got married, but he never saw his blind date. Can the girl rest assured of their marriage? Then there is Peng Yu often do not go home, two people finally have contact, let alone meet and date, even text messages are ten days and a half months back. No matter how good Peng Yu's condition is, with Peng Yu's attitude, which little girl dares to give up on Peng Yu, of course, while she is young, don't fight with Peng Yu to the end, and hurry to find a suitable person to marry. There's no reason to hang yourself on a tree you've never seen before. But this time the Peng family released the news, the heart of the girl more. Compared with the previous need to find a suitable one, this time the Peng family's words are very clear,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, they want to find a young, well-behaved, highly educated girl. The more clear the request of the Peng family is, the more interested girls can compare their own conditions and try to sit in the right seat to see if they have a chance to grab the position of the Peng family's young grandmother. Two old people went to the Zhai family, and the Peng family really wanted to say goodbye to the Zhai family. The Zhai family held a funeral, and the Peng family held a happy event. One white and one red, the contrast is very sharp. Peng Yu is still paying attention to Lin Lao's funeral while he is on a blind date. Unconsciously, the news that Lin Lao left all his inheritance to Qiaonan was quietly revealed, which attracted a stronger reaction from the children of the Lin family. Those people, how to scold Qiaonan have, but also the kind of scold a worse than one. Hearing those words, Qiao Dongliang felt very uncomfortable: "Nannan, you recognize Lin Lao as your master, and you don't want anything from others.". Lin Lao is so good to you, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, and you have married Zhai Sheng, or you can return Lin Lao's things to others? It's always not good to be so noisy every day. What if the people of the Zhai family are unhappy and involve the people of the Zhai family, so that they have opinions about Nannan? Qiao Dongliang is also worried that in such a noisy environment, the four children in the family will not be frightened, will not leave any shadow, affecting the children's future. Anyway, money is always more important than family. And he didn't think Qiaonan was short of money. No way Qiaonan refused: "These are what the master left me, no matter what the master's intention is, but whatever he left me, I will not give to others.". This is master's final arrangement, and I will never let her down. On this point, she will not give in to anything. Those people had never been kind to master before they died. They did things that disappointed and made master sad. They kept asking for money from master. They also satirized master for being a loner, saying that after master died, they were going to collect her body for a wake. Take it in the morning and take it in the evening. Everything about the master is theirs. I almost didn't send the master to the hospital. I can give the money master gave me to anyone, but these people named Lin can't expect to get a dime. Qiaonan knew all about the misdeeds of the Lin family. Chapter 1496 of the main text blocks the funeral. When her master left, she preferred to leave all her wealth to an "outsider", but did not mention a word to the Lin family, which is enough to illustrate Lin's attitude before his death. How could Qiaonan have the heart to disobey Lin Lao's wishes and do something that would make Lin Lao unhappy: "Dad, don't persuade me. It's definitely not a matter of money." "But how ugly it is! They have been making trouble for a long time.". Tomorrow, we should send Lin Lao the last journey, the Lin family is so noisy, tomorrow morning out of the spirit, how to do? I'm afraid Lin Lao's coffin can't be sent out, and he can't get into the crematorium. After autumn, it is cool in the morning and evening, and the temperature is still high during the day. If it drags on like this, even if Lin and Zhai use ice coffins, the bodies of the two elders can't lie in ice coffins all the time, can they? "Rest assured, these things, Zhai eldest brother has been arranged.". The Lin family wanted to play a rogue, but they didn't see where they wanted to play a rogue. Not to mention the master, Zhai's funeral is also what they want to make trouble? Grandpa left a message to say that my master's funeral was held with him from beginning to end. This is called saving resources and time for the country. The two old people who passed away have made great contributions to the construction and development of the country. Holding two funerals means that the central leaders have to come separately and attend two funerals in turn. Out of respect for the wishes of the two old people, the two old people have to stay alive together before they die. Who dares not listen? You know, the dead are the greatest, and no one's words can surpass the words of the dead before they die. The rest of the Zhai family? Qiao Dongliang sighed. Nannan was still so stubborn and had not changed at all. "Will your parents-in-law be unhappy?" "No, my parents-in-law support me in making this decision, and they don't object." The people of the Zhai family themselves have no opinion, what else can Qiao Dongliang have. Knowing that Lin Lao was very good to his daughter and that the old man had gone, Qiao Dongliang was also very sad, because he knew that there was one less person in the world who loved Qiao Nan. Think of his dereliction of duty, Qiao Dongliang is very worried, after Lin Lao is gone, he has not done well, when the time comes, Qiao Nan has to suffer a lot of grievances because of his father. It can be said that the existence of Lin Lao just made up for his shortcomings: "Nannan,D BHB Factory, give Lin Lao more points to burn.". When Lin Lao was alive, he liked three children so much. In the future, remember to take more children to see Lin Lao. “……” ?

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