Little Fox's Journey to the Other World 2

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Description: According to him, after using this skill, all attributes and attack power will reach 120% of the original state within 10 minutes, but after the 10-minute time limit,liquid bottle filling machine, he will fall into a weak state for two hours and can only be used once every 24 hours. This magic array can completely restrict the movement of the target for 15 seconds. My time is only 15 seconds, during which Chenchen will attack the sickle weasel with the help of the magic array,Edible oil filling machine, and then entangle its actions as much as possible. Bilingcao belongs to Lingjie Herb. Even if my collection technique has reached an advanced level under the training of Doctor He Lu, it will take at least 3 seconds to collect it completely.. Because of this, our calculation should have been to wait until it was about to dig out the flower before making a surprise attack, bottle blowing machine ,water bottle packaging machine, but now. Well, I hope the three of them can last for 30 seconds. Although I thought so in my mind, my limbs did not stop running towards Bi Ling Hua. When it was only one step away from me, something suddenly swept heavily on my back foot, and the whole person fell forward like this. At the same time, my life value has also dropped enough strange, if only by stones, wood and other things should not be the loss of life value is. I got up from the ground with a puzzled look on my face, raised my paws and dug towards Bilingha, and at that moment, once again my hind legs seemed to be hit by something, and the whole person fell forward again uncontrollably. When I was covered by a white cloud,water filling machine, I seemed to see another sickle weasel in front of me. But I reluctantly turned my head, and the sickle weasel was well trapped in the magic array. This was the last thing I saw, and then I was plunged into darkness.

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