I Have a Horror House Chen Ge Xu Wan 1-274

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Description: "Then I thank you in advance." What a kind and enthusiastic tourist, Chen Ge was very moved in his heart: "Sign it, come with me. By the way, I would like to remind you not to stay too long in the last classroom." Several people came to the end of the passage on the first floor. Chen Ge lifted the wooden board on the ground: "There are countless legends circulating in the abandoned campus. Whether you believe it or not, you should be careful.". It is forbidden to take photos or videos after entering, and violators will bear the consequences. "Underground?" The five men looked at the dim underpass, where something was moving back and forth faintly. What the hell is that? The fat man of the five, who had never spoken, stepped back. He had a general belly, small eyes, and not much courage. Pei Hu, are you going to be a sick cat before you go in? Wang Hailong tugged at Pei Hu's fleshy arm and said, "It's all fake. If you're afraid, just stand behind the beauty." "Are the two big men going to get in or not?" The speaker was another woman, who looked fierce, not tall, and had a thick body. Even if very hard to dress up, can stand with Dou Monroe, or like a foil of green leaves. Chen Ge glanced at her exemption agreement. The woman's name was Xia Meili. What's the hurry? Wang Hailong winked at Chen Ge: "Boss, wait for us to go down and then start timing!" "All right." Chen Ge pretended to take out his cell phone and turned on the timer. After sending five tourists underground, he closed the board and put away his mobile phone directly. Timing? It doesn't exist. If they can walk out,x60 line pipe, they have already broken through the limit. Entering the dressing room, Chen Ge put on a skull breaker suit, put on a mask, and then entered the control room. He found the background music and thought for a while. There was no single loop of "Black Friday." What Uncle Xu said is reasonable. We are engaged in the service industry and should think more about tourists. He moved the mouse, turned down the volume, opened "Wedding Clothes" and added it to the playlist. Always listening to a song, tourists will be bored. …… The wooden boards overhead had closed, and five tourists stood in the dark corridor, looking at the half-open classroom doors, and could hear the sound faintly in their ears. This place is so big. Pei Hu moved back and stood beside Xia Meili. Nonsense. How can you hide so many school cards in such a small place? The owner of the haunted house is not a fool. Wang Wenlong, who was the thinnest, uns s32760 plate ,x70 line pipe, was the first to walk forward: "Take the time. Five people are looking for twenty-four school cards. There is a great chance.". When we win the five thousand yuan, let's go out to eat hot pot and sing karaoke. "Come on, what are you waiting for? Listen to my brother." When Wang Hailong strode forward and passed the door of the first classroom, he suddenly stopped. The sudden move startled several people behind her. Dou Monroe followed closely behind and asked in a low voice, "Hailong, what did you see?" Look at the way you look? What is there to be afraid of? He kicked open the door of the classroom, and the school card hanging on the door frame fell to the ground: "It's so casual!" He picked up the school card and wrote a girl's name on it-Chen Yalin. This school card is placed in such a prominent position, which should tell us the appearance and characteristics of the school card. Wang Wenlong took the school card and looked at it: "Every school card has a name on it. The edge is yellow. It looks like something from many years ago. It's not easy to imitate." "Why do you talk so much?"? We've found one in less than ten seconds. As long as we're not afraid, it shouldn't be a big problem to find the remaining twenty-three. Wang Hailong wanted to go back to the school card and continue to move forward, and the remaining few people slowly relaxed their vigilance. They gradually go deep into the evening sun middle school scene, the wind blows the blank test paper on the ground, no one found that five people are clearly wearing shoes, but there are blurred footprints on the white paper. The temperature became lower, and in the dark corridor, a strange nursery rhyme sounded out of nowhere. It seems that someone is crying, and it seems that someone is laughing. The atmosphere became more and more eerie, as if something was hiding in the classrooms on both sides, and there was always a pair of eyes peeping in the darkness. There's nothing to be afraid of, but why do you feel a little nervous in your heart? Five people have separated in order to find the school card faster. Xia Meili and Wang Wenlong searched the classroom on the left, and the rest searched the classroom on the right. They checked the drawers in the front classrooms, but they didn't find any school cards. The owner of this haunted house is a little fierce. Let's move on. We can't waste any more time. Wang Hailong walked in the front, and when he passed the last classroom, he suddenly stopped. What's wrong, Brother Long? Found the school card again? Pei Hu looked in the direction of Wang Hailong's stop, just glanced at it, and a chill rushed into his brain. At the window of the classroom stood a man with a smile on his face. Even more frightening is to look inside the window, behind the doll, or standing or sitting, there are more than 20 people standing! Their bodies did not move, but their heads twisted into strange angles, all smiling at the tourists outside the window! Chapter 133 of the main text of "I Have a House of Horror" starts with the difficulty of hell. Pei Hu stepped back several steps in a row to stabilize his body, and his face was pale. Are you all right? What did you see? Wang Wenlong and Xia Meili from behind rushed over. Don't worry about him. It's just a little wind and a little wave. See how scared he is? Wang Hailong's legs trembled and his face twitched gently, but he still pretended to be calm: "It's just a few mannequins." Even with psychological preparation, when the remaining three people came over, they were still startled. It was frightening enough that there were suddenly more than twenty figures in the dark classroom. What's more,x52 line pipe, they all turned their heads and looked in the same direction. Several of them turned their necks 180 degrees and hung their heads on their backs, staring at people. Who can stand it? "I said why I wasn't afraid of the previous scenes. It turned out that I was holding back a big move here." Wang Wenlong was still calm. He took out his cell phone and turned on his flashlight. Wenlong, the owner of the haunted house said that he was not allowed to use the mobile phone casually. 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