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Description: "Manager, a guest complained at the front desk that someone had ordered the wrong dish." The booking clerk at the front desk, Xiao Liu, poked his head in, revealing a trace of indignation on his comely face: "It's noisy at the front desk." "Did you order the wrong dish?" Wang Chaoqun raised his eyebrows and said angrily, "Do you know who ordered it?" "The guest said it was a man." Xiao Liu thought about it and replied, "It seems that there is only one man in the ordering group, isn't there?" "Hao Yunyang?" Wang Chaoqun stood up from his chair with a smile on his face, and his previous anger was suppressed: "What did the guest say he ordered wrong?" "The guest said that he had ordered a small abalone, but Hao Yunyang ordered a braised abalone for him, which was more than 700 yuan short." "Now the abalone has been eaten up," said Xiao Liu. "The guest has come down to pay the bill. He can't tell the difference between the small abalone and the big abalone, can he?"? Pure nonsense, just want to take advantage, besides, Hao Yunyang can not order the wrong dish, ah, completely different things, this. "No, Xiao Liu, you can't say that." Wang Chaoqun pulled his collar and narrowed his eyes slightly: "Since the fault is on our side, we must have the courage to admit it. Isn't this what Hao Yunyang ordered?"? You go to tell that guest, that braised abalone is our hotel to apologize to him,Inflatable outdoor park, this money, you go to the finance department to get a note, tomorrow … Oh, when Hao Yunyang comes back to work the day after tomorrow, you let him sign the note, and the money for the braised abalone will be deducted from his salary! "888, is it Hao Yunyang?" Xiao Liu was a little shocked. What's wrong with the manager? "Whoever does something wrong should be responsible for it." Wang Chaoqun smiled jokingly in his eyes and waved his hand: "Go." "All right." With a confused look on his face, Xiao Liu agreed and closed the door of the office again. On the way to the front desk, Xiao Liu sighed lightly in his heart: Hao Yunyang,Inflatable dry slide, Hao Yunyang, why did you bring the computer to the hotel? It also made the manager unhappy. This is good. This pair of shoes is not light! "Ah, autumn!" Hao Yunyang, who was on his way back to the dormitory, couldn't help sneezing. He rubbed his nose and looked up at the dark sky. He tightened his collar and muttered: "The weather is getting cold. It seems that the thermal underwear was thrown away by Liu Lixin a few months ago. There are still more than 200 yuan left. Well, take out 30 to buy a set of thermal underwear. The rest of the money.." With a trace of pain on his face, he looked up to the sky and sighed: "Move, move, my contribution is really too great!" In Liu Ming's shop and charged two hundred yuan phone bill, Hao Yunyang's pocket has almost bottomed out, politely declined Liu Ming let him stay to drink a bottle of beer and then personally take him to Yingchun Lane, in Liu Ming's sigh left the shop. The dormitory administrator did not know where to go, surprisingly did not sit downstairs, even with the kitten disappeared. After a few days of care, at least the bad smell of the dormitory has subsided a lot. The two colleagues in the same dormitory are from the hotel's food group. They sweat a lot after a day's work. Fortunately, both of them are game maniacs. They basically went to the Internet bar after work. Hao Yunyang moved to the dormitory for four days and only saw them once. He came back to the dormitory to change clothes. Back to the dormitory, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, he closed the door, pulled up the simple curtain made of an old sheet, turned on the light, and in the dim light, Hao Yunyang's face was full of expectation and excitement. Plug in the power, open the monitor, look at the folder, Hao Yunyang deep, deep breath, but still some difficult to suppress the vibration of the right hand, as smooth as possible to slide the mouse, hit two times. "Gada." There was a crisp sound from the computer's own stereo, and the folder was opened. What is this thing? Three days of transmission and reception revealed four compressed packages in front of Hao Yunyang, one of which was named Foolish LOGO Production, while the remaining three were named only with Arabic numerals 123. Sitting upright on a wooden stool with a solemn face, Hao Yunyang straightened his back and stared at the four compressed bags for several minutes before he stood up with a long sigh of frustration on his face: "How can I use this thing?" [PS: There is an author survey on the page. I want to know if you have taken out your mobile phone to call your own number after reading such a book? Hey hey, is not very obscene? If you are free, you can participate in the past. The most important thing is interaction! In addition, I found that there are old books updated together, to ensure that the stability of the update is really very difficult, two more a day to keep the bottom unchanged, but the update time can not be guaranteed, such as the beginning of next month, the old book "Rebirth of the Rebirth of Immortals" finished, I will maintain a stable, punctual update! Well, that's it. There's another chapter later.] Chapter 17: Software in Hand Ask Liu Ming? Hao Yunyang is not stupid enough. Although after a few days of contact, Liu Ming, who is careless and likes to blow his own drum, makes Hao Yunyang quite fond of him, and their relationship can barely be regarded as a friend. However, friends are friends, Hao Yunyang can use his mobile phone to call his son, even his own brother can not tell ah! If let Liu Ming come over to help swing, this is not equal to open the door for people, let people come in up and down to explore it? Helplessly, Hao Yunyang could only take out his mobile phone again, dial his own number, and wait quietly for his son to answer. After three rings, Hao Zhenhua picked up the phone. Before he called his father, Hao Yunyang threw out all his problems as if he were in a hurry to be reincarnated: "Son, you have finished picking up this thing, but how can you use it?"? Besides, what's this thing for? That what, fool LOGO production, LOGO, I seem to have seen somewhere? Dad, don't worry, don't worry. Hao Zhenhua, who had just stayed up all night to sleep, was still a little confused. When he picked up the phone,Inflatable bouncer, he was stunned by Hao Yunyang's series of questions. He said with a wry smile, "Didn't I compress and pack all the ways to use the software and send them?"? You right click on that archive and select Unzip File, and it pops up a selection box.. ? joyshineinflatables.com

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