Demon Doctor Qingcheng, the Best Concubine of the Ghost King

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Description: At this moment, Ying Ruofeng had already arrived at the bedside. He carefully uncovered Bai Ziqi's quilt and gently wanted to pick her up. Mmm. Bai Ziqi made a sound in his mouth and pushed him away consciously, as if he was not used to this embrace. Ying Ruofeng's body stiffened, and his heart suddenly trembled. Then he suddenly picked up Bai Ziqi and clamped him in his arms. Bai Ziqi saw that he could not struggle, and he no longer struggled. The scene of Bai Ziqi's struggle was blocked by Ying Ruofeng. Feng Jingming didn't see it. He saw Bai Ziqi lying in Ying Ruofeng's arms so obediently. His peach blossom eyes crossed a touch of light and his hand stretched out to Ying Ruifeng's arms. Give her back to the king! "If you want to wake her up, do it." Ying Ruofeng's voice was flat, but he looked at Feng Jingming's cold eyes with some anger, even if he put his voice very lightly in order to make a noise, but he could not restrain his anger. Feng Jingming, what qualifications do you have to ask me for her? Look at you, most of her disasters are caused by you, and even this time she almost lost her dignity! Do you really think that if you make her a promise, she will feel uncomfortable when she sees the wedding hall and the guests? Feng Jing Ming's hand stiffened, and the evil charm of the handsome face was infected with coldness. Are you angry? Ying Ruofeng sneered, "Just as you can't see her in my arms, she's just in my arms, and your marriage with Princess Yongding is making a lot of noise. How many people have added insult to injury and attacked her? How strong do you really think a woman can be?" "Feng Jingming,Inflatable indoor park, you are not qualified to love her at all!" Win if the wind regardless of the cold and angry face, but the peach blossom eyes across the deep color of the phoenix Jing Ming, holding the white son to go out. The three people outside the door were surprised to see Ying Ruofeng coming out with Bai Ziqi in his arms. Are they wrong? How can it be the winner. Only Shiraki came to his senses from his surprise and said excitedly, "Elder Martial Brother, let's go back to Shenyi Gate now." Let the elder brother and the young lady go back to the miraculous doctor to cultivate their feelings, and there will be nothing to do with the ghost king. This sentence seemed to make Feng Jingming,Inflatable water park on lake, who was in a daze in the room, come to his senses. He strode out and sneered at Ying Ruofeng, who had already gone downstairs. His thin lips were cold: "Ying Ruofeng, you said so much, but you just made excuses for yourself. The king told you." Feng Jing Ming paused, and then the voice of each word was sonorous and forceful, with a sacred flavor. Unless one day she tells me in person that she doesn't love me. Let the king let go, or the king will never let her go! Bai Ziqi broke into his life and changed his cold and lonely life. She also liked him, so he would never let her go. Ying Ruofeng didn't reply. His green robe fluttered and he left with Bai Ziqi in his arms. Wang Ye, what if they really bring the princess back to the miraculous doctor? The black evil spirit is worried, the divine doctor gate is a catastrophe in Wang Ye's life! "He won't." Feng Jingming's thin lips opened coldly. "He did it once, and he won't do it again." For the first time, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable outdoor park, if the wind wins, Bai Ziqi will be knocked unconscious and taken away directly. At that time, Bai Ziqi's attitude towards him was extremely disgusting, and it was better in the back. At that time, it didn't matter if he didn't like Bai Ziqi, but now it's different. He cares about Bai Ziqi, so he would never do that. Wang Ye, don't we follow? Subordinates always feel that they will not do anything good. Especially the white wood. Feng Jingming withdrew his evil and cold eyes and lifted his thin lips lightly. "No, the king is going to investigate a more important matter." Li Pin's plan seems to be perfect, but there is still something wrong. There must be someone behind her. In other words, she was manipulated by some people, but she did not know that even the real Princess Yongding was a pawn thrown out by that person. If the other side wants to deal with him, he is not afraid at all, but the other side involves his daughter-in-law, he must pull that person out. Also, tell the old man who left home to make another mask of Princess Yongding. The king wants to change it with a treasure. Feng Jing Ming thin lips lightly lifted, cold and bloodthirsty breath suddenly burst out, "of course, if he does not do, do not want to leave the imperial capital." "Yes!" Emperor Shun is in trouble for Princess Yongding, which is related to the friendship between the two countries and must be solved perfectly. At this moment, he is gathering several important officials in the imperial study to discuss countermeasures. "Your Majesty, why don't we just kill all Cang Xuan's envoys?" A minister suggested. Emperor Shun threw a memorial directly: "Are you a bandit?"? What did we do when we did nothing? Besides, emissaries from so many countries are present. Do you want me to kill them all? This is obviously impossible. The minister who was smashed was extremely aggrieved. Your Majesty, you didn't do anything, but you indulged your ghost uncle and helped a tyrant to do evil. From the afternoon discussion to the evening, still no one came up with countermeasures, Shun Di has been angry almost seven orifices smoke. No matter how steady he is, he has to scold these people for being useless! "Your Majesty, I think we should immediately put up a list to look for the missing Princess Yongding." Qin Guang stepped forward and aggravated the word missing. What Lord Qin said is true, Shangshu, let you do it. Emperor Shun sighed. Sure enough, he was an old minister who had experienced a lot and was fearless in the face of danger. Look at these new ministers. They were all at a loss when they met with things. I will obey. As soon as Shangshu walked outside the door, he met the black devil who came in. He subconsciously made way for the black devil. The black devil has seen the emperor. Hei Sha knelt down on one knee, "Wang Ye asked his subordinates to bring something to the emperor, saying that it could solve the urgent need of the emperor." "No courtesy, what is it?" Seeing the black devil, Emperor Shun breathed a sigh of relief subconsciously. He doesn't have to worry about the ghost uncle. The black devil offered something wrapped in black cloth, and Emperor Shun opened a corner slightly,inflatable amusement park, and then immediately showed a look of sudden enlightenment. Several ministers wanted to see what it was and why the emperor could be so relieved, but they were blocked by the black devil and could not see anything. They were angry but dared not speak. Qin Guang shook his head secretly beside him, fearing that in a few days he would see these colleagues.

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