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Description: The next day, in the evening, Guan Wantong rarely did not wear a cheongsam. She wore light makeup and chose a black dress with a knee-length gray coat. Shen He, who met her, was stunned. "I haven't seen you like this for a long time." "Haven't seen you for a long time?" Guan Wantong rubbed his hands and seemed to think of something, "I really haven't worn this for a long time." Most of the time, she wears a cheongsam in the courtyard, like a plaintive female ghost. Mr. Shen told her that she looked the best in a cheongsam. Shen He looked at Guan Wantong and walked up to her. "A pair of earrings is missing." He took out a pair of glittering diamond earrings from his pocket and pinned them on Guan Wantong's ears. Guan Wantong's body became more shining because of the earrings. Because of Shen He's excessive approach, Guan Wantong retreated with some uneasiness. Have a good night. The heat of Shen He's words was blowing in Guan Wantong's ear, and then she realized that she was already leaning against the corner, and Shen He looked at her from a high position, as if the next second, he was going to kiss her on the lips. She looked at Shen and that pale cherry lips, ears some fever, and some condemn themselves, has been lonely to this point, it is sad. Unfortunately, Shen He did not lower his head to kiss her,artificial plant wall panels, but looked at her makeup carefully, "You are very beautiful today." Guan Wantong pressed the loss in the bottom of his heart, nodded and said: "I have to go." Knowing that he had always been a gentleman, he had already parked his car at the gate of the courtyard. Shen He nodded and watched Guan Wantong walk out of the gate of the courtyard. Today's weather is really a little cold, outside the snow rustling down, Shen He seems to have forgotten to go in, he stood in place for a while,faux ficus tree, the body will pile up a lot of snow. It's silly. It took him a long time to say something to himself, not knowing whether he was talking about himself or Guan Wantong. Guan Wantong sat in the car, looking at the snow outside, suddenly thought, if in the corridor with Shen and playing chess together, it would be a kind of fun. I am really a little sick, Guan Wantong thought of self-abandonment. Chapter 104 Sure enough, as Guan Wantong thought, just know is a wonderful date, he took her to the high-rise revolving restaurant, called someone to play the violin, Guan Wantong saw the violin player can not help but think of Shen He, if Shen He played the violin is how beautiful scenery? Fang Zhi saw Guan Wantong staring at the musician in a trance. He dragged his chin and said with a smile, artificial banyan trees ,Faux cherry blossom tree, "I didn't guess wrong. Do you like the violin?" After listening to this sentence, Guan Wantong seemed to wake up from a dream, "Yes, I like it." It's just that Shen and the cheapskate never played it to her. Fang Zhi listened and smiled, "I like it very much, too." After they finished their meal in the restaurant, they entered the cinema. At first, Guan Wantong was a little worried about what to do if others recognized her. But when she entered the empty cinema, she understood the arrangement. Sorry, I was afraid that others would disturb our viewing, so I booked it. Fang Zhi made an apologetic gesture. "How?" Guan Wantong chose a middle seat and sat down. "I haven't seen a movie for a long time." "Haven't seen a movie for a long time?" Fang Zhi's handsome face collapsed, "You don't support my movie, and you have the face to say you are my loyal fan." Guan Wantong saw that his ugly appearance was very funny and laughed out loud, "but I bought more than five copies of all the magazines and DVDs you published." Only when he heard this, he nodded with satisfaction, "This is a good boy." The cinema was dark, the big screen began to image, Guan Wantong was in a trance, what was Shen He doing at home? Only then did he know how many times he had watched the film in order to cut the sample film. He was concerned about Guan Wantong's facial expression. When he saw Guan Wantong's head, his face was somewhat lost, and he understood that the Iraqi people were afraid that they already had a heart. He felt a little pity in his heart. Why are all good women other people's? If an ordinary man is in the cinema, he will hold the hand of the woman on his first date in the dark, but he knows that he has maintained his gentlemanly demeanor and has not done anything to Guan Wantong. It was not until the end of the film, when all the lights came on, that he stood up and bowed deeply to Guan Wantong, "Thank you for your support over the years." This is true. He has come to this day step by step, relying on the support of his fans. Guan Wantong also stood up and wiped his moist eyes. "I only knew you were a good actor before, but I didn't know you were a good director." Only then did he raise his head with some pride. "Of course, it's your wise eyes that recognize heroes." After watching the movie, just know to send Guan Wantong home, far away, Guan Wantong saw a man standing at the gate of the courtyard with a big black umbrella standing under the street lamp. The snow stopped falling again, but the man did not waver. Guan Wantong certainly knew who the silhouette was, and she held her hand nervously. Only then did he know that he had seen her every move. Wan Tong, I am not a good person. I have failed several women and been hurt by several women, but I still want to say to you that I cherish the people in front of me. Fang Zhi parked his car on the side of the road. "Be good to yourself." A woman in her prime of life guarding such a good courtyard must be a person with a story. Originally, he wanted to read the story carefully, but perhaps before him, there were already people who were willing to read the story. Guan Wantong liked Fang Zhi for a long time and was very convinced of her idol's words. She nodded firmly and got out of the car. The snow on the road was a little deep and soaked Guan Wantong's shoes, but she didn't care. She still went forward step by step. Shen He had already seen her at the door, but instead of meeting her,faux grass wall, he stood at the door with an umbrella and looked at her with an expressionless face. He had come so far to look for her, and had taken so many steps, that she should take the rest of the steps. Guan Wantong took a step and thought so.

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