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Description: Yan Zheng's eyebrow brush can restore the state of a specific object to a previous point in time. At that time, on the platform, in order to judge which side of the subway the opponent had gone to, he once made a five-fingered thrush burst and made a large-scale casting to help Peter judge where the notebook was. One of the side effects was that all the people on the platform at that time were affected by the power of the thrush and went back to 25 minutes ago. This is not a special phenomenon for ordinary human beings to go back 25 minutes, but for traffic cards, it is different.. Twenty-five minutes ago, the mysterious opponent was still grabbing Yan Zheng's notebook near the deposit box, and had not yet entered the subway, so of course he had not swiped his card. So, for him who had entered the subway later, the traffic card in his hand actually returned to the state that he had not swiped. When he tried to get out of the station, the gate machine detected that the card had no record of entering the station, and began to alarm according to standard procedures. As a result, the traffic card that had not been swiped became his most striking identity mark. You see, it's that simple. You're right. There are only low-grade pen-officials, not low-grade pen-spirits. Yan Zheng was elated and proud of his strategy. But.. If those three people all got on the train at that station,fake blossom tree, wouldn't they all be reported to the police when they swiped their cards? Monk Peter asked a question. Yen Cheng was stupefied for a moment, but he hadn't thought about this. Then he stammered: "This station is too remote. It's not so coincidental that three people are all the same, is it?" "What if he gets off at a big station or a transit station?" Monk Peter went on to ask, "There may be hundreds of people getting off the train, and dozens of them may be affected by your eyebrow pencil.". How should we judge? ?…… Ha ha ha ha! We've already got it anyway, so why bother with details! Yan Zheng patted Monk Peter on the shoulder and laughed to hide his embarrassment. Monk Peter heaved a deep sigh. It seemed that he was really lucky that such a flawed strategy had really succeeded. Of all the passengers who were affected,fake ficus tree, only the opponent happened to get off at a remote station, and then Yan Zhengmeng happened to be right. "I think that foreigner would be even more depressed if he knew.." Monk Peter thought, and suddenly a thought came to his mind. Foreigners? Since when do foreigners have pen skills? The third chapter makes Qingniao Xi want to hold the book. From Volume 184 of the Complete Collection of Tang Poems, Li Bai's Poetic Style of Sending Feelings to Chu. "Is this Fang Bin's notebook?" In front of Luo Zhongxia was a notebook with a light yellow cover, about two hundred pages. Yes, Peter and I went around the station several times before we found the locker. There's only one thing in it. I thought it would be something precious! Yan Zheng said with a slight complaint that he thought it would be the same as the movie, and that there would always be many secret treasures in the deposit box at the station. "Have you all seen it?" "How can I take care of it?"! As soon as we got it, we came to you. Yan Zheng said, and then gave a brief account of what happened in the subway, of course, without adding oil and vinegar to boast about his wisdom. When Luo Zhongxia heard this, outdoor ficus tree ,large ficus tree, he wondered, "Are you saying that the owner of that pen spirit is actually a foreigner?" "Exactly." "Peter, have there ever been any foreigners among the officials?" Luo Zhongxia asked Monk Peter. The pen spirit is initiated by the owner of the pen tomb, and it is the talent of the world. Although talent is not unique to China, the spirit of the pen is based on Chinese culture, so it is unimaginable for foreigners to be officials of the pen tomb. In history, there may be records of Koryo, Japanese, or Annamese as pen-mound officials, but Westerners are.. I remember only one person who was once a pen-mound official. "Who?" Van Gulik, author of The Case of Di Gong.. Well, that's not the point. Just open it and look at this note. Monk Peter urged. Luo Chung-hsia suddenly thought of something and turned to look around. "What about nineteen?" Yen Cheng said, "The ink in the Songtao Garden ran out, and she didn't trust others to buy it, so she went to buy new ink herself.". ? "Do you want to wait until she comes back?" Luo Zhongxia hesitated, Fang Bin has always been a figure admired by Nineteen, he is now so close to Nineteen, more or less touched by the light of Fang Bin's finishing touch, which he has been in a very complicated mood. Now Fang Bin's relics are in front of him, and he can't make up his mind whether he should let Nineteen look at them together or not. Yen Cheng was greatly discontented: "The notebook won't run away. Let her look at it when she comes back.". Fang Bin is already dead, and no one is robbing you of women. Have you been fooled by Huai Su's Zen mind? What an unreasonable direct attack. But this kind of direct attack is really effective, Luo Zhongxia complexion a red, had to take the notebook in the hand. He himself was actually curious, so he stopped insisting and slowly opened the first page. At this time, the green lotus pen and the finishing pen in the chest jumped slightly, as if a dog taking a nap looked lazily at the visitor and went back to sleep. Only the first few pages of the notebook were filled with pen words, well-proportioned and well-arranged, which showed that the writer was a meticulous and meticulous person. Luo Zhongxia was stunned by the first sentence of the first line on the first page. "To the successor of the finishing touch." Is it for me? Even Luo Zhongxia, who had a Zen mind, could not hold back his astonishment at this time and hurriedly looked down. When you read this, I thought I was dead. It's wonderful to write about the past in the tone of the future. But only in this way can I convey the message to you smoothly. Forgive me for taking the liberty, but all this is necessary. It gives people a wonderful feeling of words, unhurried, calm and free, but permeated with thin sadness. Seeing Luo Zhongxia's uncertain expression, Yan Zheng asked curiously, "What does it say?" Luo Zhongxia raised his eyes slightly and said in a confused tone,silk ficus tree, "a letter to me seems to be Fang Bin's last words." When Yan Zheng wanted to say something else, Luo Zhongxia said with a straight face, "Please let me read it in one breath. This is also a respect for the dead." Monk Peter and Yan Zheng felt the power of solemnity and kept their mouths shut.

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