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Description: The Demon Shark King was so angry that he smiled. He stepped forward and said with an angry smile, "Little bastard, you are trapped by Lao Tzu in the big array of ten thousand sharks. How dare you be so arrogant? Do you believe that Lao Tzu urged the big array to gnaw you so much that there is not a bone left?" yuan Tiangong was so angry that he said, "Boy, you are so arrogant that Grandpa yuan doesn't like to eat people. Grandpa yuan will use my golden stick to crush you over and over again, crushing your little bones to pieces!" "yuan Gong, there's no need to talk nonsense with him. Let's do it together and destroy this boy!" The demon shark king was so murderous that he shouted angrily. Let's do it together! yuan Tiangong roared angrily and majestically. The two demon kings spoke loudly, but their bodies remained motionless. The sea breeze whistled. After a moment, the faces of the two demon kings were somewhat embarrassed. They were still frightened by the power of the divine light in the eyes of the golden boy, but they did not dare to start before the other side, so as not to be cut up by the golden boy. Since you two losers dare not do it, I will do it first! Ye Xu stood proudly, holding the head of the golden boy in his hand. "Baby," he said with a sneer, "open your eyes and stare at these two losers!" The golden boy's eyes opened slowly, and white light flowed in his eyes. The baby is not dead! As soon as yuan Tiangong's heart tightened, he hurriedly gave a strange cry, jumped up, somersaulted out to the back, and landed dozens of miles away: "Let that stupid shark die first.." As soon as he thought of this, he saw the demon shark king jump into the sea with a bang. His dorsal fin was like a mountain of knives. He swam dozens of miles with a crash and retreated wildly. Ye Xu from leisurely sacrifice Jin Jing sword gas, a sword cut through the pagoda ten thousand sharks array,inflatable bounce house with slide, break out of the array, control the boat cut through the sky, instant is a hundred miles. Two losers. "" His voice came leisurely into the ears of the two demon kings. yuan Tiangong's face was livid. He glanced at the Demon Shark King and said, "Shark, if you dare to tell me what happened today, I'll kill your whole family!" Demon Shark King's face was as ugly as blue indigo. He became extremely ugly and ferocious. He laughed angrily and said, "yuan Gong, we were all tricked by a little guy from the period of yuan Dan. We were so frightened that we fled in confusion. Do you think this is a matter of a long face?"? Will I publicize such a scandal everywhere? It's yuan Gong who has a big mouth and likes to talk nonsense after drinking. If you say it,inflatable amusement park, I'll slaughter you, yuan Gongshan, old and young! The two demon kings spat heavily and were so angry that they thought the golden boy was not dead, so they retreated in a hurry, intending to escape the divine light in the golden boy's eyes. Never thought that the golden boy did not open his eyes at all, but Ye Xu bluffed. The golden spirit that yuan Tiangong just saw was just a golden sword spirit. Although for them, it could hurt their body and spirit, it could not cause fatal injuries. In any case, can not let this boy leave alive, otherwise spread out, I Qianhai Demon King's face, will be gone! "Yes, face is important, but that baby is more important!" The two demon kings showed their magical powers and roared forward. After a moment, the Styx leader and others also swarmed to chase, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable water park factory, roaring forward, and after a moment, Xia Songjiang also appeared in this sea area, shocked the demon clan in the sea area of Qianhai panic, I do not know what happened here, let these strong collective out. Although Qianhai is vast, it is only ten thousand miles away after all, and Ye Xu soon flew out of the scope of Qianhai. Dressed in a blue shirt, the boy stood on the boat and looked forward, only to see a mountain looming in the sea ahead, ups and downs, scattered, forming a big formation. He was getting closer and closer to the island, and he saw pavilions and pavilions among the mountains, and witches bustling in and out. Overseas Fairy Pavilion? Ye Xu immediately quickened his pace and said to himself, "The Overseas Immortal Pavilion is the largest commercial association alliance on the sea. There are big forces behind it. Fighting is forbidden in the Immortal Pavilion.". Now there are a large number of strong people in Sanshen Realm chasing and killing behind me. It's better to go to Xiange to hide, wait for refining the primordial spirit of Xia Songjiang, and then try to get away. He offered sacrifices to the Mira Heaven and Earth Pagoda and threw the head of the Golden Spirit Boy into it. Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise from Feng Yanrou in the pagoda. The girl had a grudge in her heart: "How could Elder Martial Brother Ye have such a strange hobby? He likes to collect heads.." Chapter 339 three chances. Ye Xu has not yet entered the overseas immortal pavilion, they can perceive the immortal pavilion, came a strong breath, like the overseas immortal pavilion rising a column of pure Yang, bombarding the void. These breaths are the abnormal shapes formed by the strong Qi and blood of the three Yang realms breaking out of the body and spreading into the air, stirring up the vitality of heaven and earth! "Seventy-one, seventy-two, seventy-three, seventy-three strong men!" Ye Xu carefully counted again, the heart can not help but be shocked, overseas immortal pavilion, there are 73 strong people in Sanyang realm, this is an unprecedented thing. Not only that, there is also an obscure fluctuation in the Fairy Pavilion, which is a flash in the pan and fleeting. Although it is not as magnificent as the momentum of the master of Sanyang Realm, it is more obscure and unfathomable. It should be the wizard of Sanyang Realm and even a higher realm! "Did something big happen?"? Or is there a treasure in the overseas immortal pavilion that attracts all these strong people? He flew into the mountains of the Overseas Fairy Pavilion, landed in the ancient city, walked straight into Ziyuan Xuan, summoned a maid, and ordered a few words. The maid hurried upstairs, and after a moment, she saw a girl dressed in purple with gold trim walking down the stairs leisurely, her head filled with Zhenyuan, evolving into an abacus, constantly moving, making a clear sound, like a pearl falling on a jade plate. The young girl was Ziyuanxuan's young master. Her name was Ziqianmo. She had met Ye Xu once. Ying Ying gave her a gift and said with a smile, "Should Qianmo call you Elder Martial Brother Ye or Martial Uncle Ye?" She complained in a low voice, "Martial Uncle Ye, you have cheated people so hard." She once thought that Ye Xu was a disciple of Zhou Tianxing Palace and called Ye Xu Elder Martial Brother. Later,inflatable water slide, she learned that Ye Xu was an elder of the Demon Sect of the Yellow Spring and the Lord of a Peak. Last time it was just a misunderstanding. I never said that I was a disciple of Zhou Tianxing Palace. Ye Xu explained and said with a smile, "Miss Qianmo, there are a lot of masters coming to the Fairy Pavilion overseas. Did something big happen?" ?

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